Big mistake - they let the #Fab5 in!

Published: June 25th 2017
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The Sunset Suites Apartment (like most of LA) was not quite ready for us when we hauled our luggage up in two shifts in the ancient elevator. But the manager was accommodating and invited us to leave our luggage behind. It was 8.30 am and we were running on one hour's sleep....and despite our best pleading efforts our room wouldn't be ready till at least midday.

Of course, with an entire city to explore why not start with a breakfast at McDonalds. To be fair, this seemed like a good idea because nothing was open before 10 am on Hollywood Boulevard... and there was the matter of free wi-fi. Our plans were dashed though because prominently displayed throughout the restaurant were signs advising customers that there was "no loitering" in McDonalds and we had to be out in 30 minutes.

We were way too slow off the mark as we came out of Maccas. They got us. The tour dealers. With jazz and hype, we were sold! An 11.30 two hour personalised tour of Hollywood. Von drives a hard bargain - secured our seats for "half price."

Some time to touch base with the essentials: got to enjoy the Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theatre, the views of the Hollywood sign and of course mixing it with Marilyn, Oscar, Spider-Man, DollyBoy, Transformers and Shrek. Went bargain hunting for souvenirs and shoes. Even had time to take out a few locals and many tourists with the selfie stick. Posed and snapped. Laughed and explored.

We unanimously avoided any of the Wax museums because collectively we thought we definitely had that covered in the week before we left.

Hold onto your handles players, this was just the prelude to the Hollywood Sightseeing Tour. A gripping two hour extravaganza with Hank. Checking out the highlights of Hollywood from the back of an open air van, dodging all the prime lookout spots and ogling at the fences of houses where the rich and famous may have lived some time in he last 100 years. Hank was particularly excited by the closed back gate of the house where Michael died and the long distance view of the hospital where Whitney was taken. We were lucky to be riding with Hank - he was on first name basis with all of Hollywood's elite!

We were on "The Ultimate Tour" ... and of course were in trouble the entire way. And as you can guess, we almost saw the stars up close - the Opra look alike and the red bearded man working on the side of the road.

And we did this in the luxury of the open air truck, which swerved and jerked its way around Hollywood Hills. Carolyn barely managed to hold onto her lunch and even huddled in the provided blankets we were FROZEN.

Julie took lots of catnaps. And Denise was just flat out! To end the tour, Von had the tipping in hand and after the $1 off the ladies in the front seats of the safari, Hank thought he was in for a #Fab5 windfall. Big mistake.

We found the local equivalent of the "24/7" and stocked up on food supplies. The room was READY - the only problem was we had to play the maze game to find it. Down two floors, onto the street, up the boulevard to Starbucks, round the corner, down one block, into the yellow building, up to the third floor (not the second Von), left, right, left, across the bridge, up the lift, left, right,,,,last on the left and VOILA we had found it. And yep, she's a beauty. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge, kitchen and balcony right in the heart of Hollywood.

And so the #Fab5 finally got to "be". The Naughty One took to the pool for a few laps (even though it was only 17 degrees), The Sensible One slept, The Daring One checked in on business, The Young One had a drink and The Wise One kept snapping pics.

Going out for the night met with a decided thumbs down. Instead, we had the dream "mothers' " dinner of cheese on toast and all its variations and laughed our way through the reruns of what seemed like an endless Tuesday

And so after a big night in it is off to bed for the oldies. BJ, the last man standing, has been left to clean up the kitchen. He's got stamina that boy!

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22nd April 2015

You look like you are having the time of your life - enjoy every second.
22nd April 2015

Sounds like a quiet start to the trip! No doubt there will be some real action in the next blog. Stay safe and stay away from hot dogs!!
24th April 2015

@Ganga: hot dogs ... If you only knew

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