Why Travel Insurance Is A Good Idea

Published: March 13th 2015
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For those wondering why the posts stop in early December it is fair to say that we had a bit of mishap on the trip. Sadly Mark was struck by a vehicle in Los Angeles and was rushed to hospital on what would have been 5 December in Australia – on the evening of 4 December local date. The rest of the trip had to be cancelled and a medical evacuation was necessary 2 weeks after the accident. Thankfully he is now recovering from some fairly serious injuries back home in Australia. A big shout out to the Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles (http://cedars-sinai.edu)– their care and assistance was greatly appreciated. We received tremendous assistance from our dear friends Ken and Debbie and help from complete strangers – for that we are truly thankful.

We have always travelled with travel insurance and this accident has reinforced our belief that if you cannot afford the travel insurance you can not afford the trip. Our company, Travel Insurance Direct (TID - http://www.travelinsurancedirect.com.au ), was excellent and would recommend them without hesitation. A small tip that proved very useful to us in our circumstances is to photocopy the travel insurance and ensure that everyone has a copy with them at all times. In what turned out to be quite stressful circumstances this small and simple idea saved a lot of time and heartache trying to find policy numbers, contact details and policy information.

On a bright note, as Mark continues to recover from his injuries we are looking at some smaller local trips. Keep an eye on the site for further blogs.

cheers and travel safe


15th March 2015

Travel insurance
You are totally correct about travel insurance, I wouldn go anywhere overseas without it. Your story and experience was unfortunate but with a positive ending (sort of). Keep recovering Mark, we are still thinking of you and family. Cheers mia

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