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November 1st 2008
Published: November 26th 2008
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It was now the final weekend before we took the long flight back to London. Since it was a Saturday we didn’t have to get up quite as early for breakfast. This was lucky since we were all pretty lazy by this point and lacked the motivation to get out of bed - I don't expect this to improve for a few months anyway. After our munch we drove back into Hollywood and cruised Sunset Bourlevard and Robertson Drive once again. We parked up and enjoyed 2 hours of people and car watching in Starbucks on the corner of Robertson Drive. (well attempted star spotting!).

After a few litres of coffee we began to get hungry and headed north to Hollywood Boulevard for a sushi lunch. We went straight to restaurant we had enjoyed so much only 3 weeks earlier. After stuffing our faces we dodged a huge rainstorm and for the first time the ATFFs were undone. A combination of rain and very slippy walkways meant that the flip flops couldn't take the strain and they had to be removed for the safety of Mark and anyone in his vicinity. In the evening we played cards with our huge collection of American coins and enjoyed a case of fine Amercian Beer.

Sunday - The Penultimate Day
Waking up was slightly depressing knowing that in only a few hours we would be on our way home (well Mark and Dale would be - Ollie had a little bit longer!). After breakfast we watched a few films and a very, very nathalgic day. We enjoyed a combination of sunday night football, an assortment of supermarket snacks and a final repack of our bags. The highlight of the day was when Ollie decided he fancied some noodles. He turned to the trusty coffee pot for support but unfortunately forgot to remove the coffee filter bag. The result: some lovely tasting, coffee flavoured noodles.

All packed and ready to go, we awoke on the final morning and stocked up during our complimentary breakfast. After a bit of TV and a good scrub in the shower we packed up the car, checked out and headed back into Hollywood for a final star spotting session in Starbucks. This time we hit the jackpot - after only a few minutes we watched two women walk into Starbucks follwed by 10 paparazzi all wielding their cameras and large lenses. We were completely starstruck but had absolutely no idea who the women were!

Anyway, after a successful morning we enjoyed a Yoshinoya lunch and made our way to the airport. Dale made a few wrong turnings under Ollie's instruction but we eventually made it and handed back the car to Enterprise with no problems. We jumped on the shuttle bus to the airport with plenty of time to spare only to find our flight had been delayed. This was made far worse because LAX airport is s**t! We had a couple of drinks in the only bar/restaurant/cafe we could find and luckily, the time went quite quickly.

A little later, we were waiting in the departure lounge when Paulo Ntini (Ollie's Hero) walked passed and onto our plane. He was shortly followed by Victoria Beckham who also got onto out plane. After all the time we had spent in Hollywood, we had finally seen some famous people.

The journey was relatively stress free and comfortable, with a couple of gins helping the situation even further. Blearly eyed and slightly sad we arrived back in the UK around midday and it was over.......or was it!


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