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Published: February 23rd 2013
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So! Entry number one, day one! Impressive!

Place:Venice Beach
Plans:Universal Studios, Santa Monica Peir, Shopping
Next Stop: Lima (Peru) - Monday the 2th

Additional Stats:
Tears: 0
Dramas 0
Stabbings: 0
Starbucks consumption: 1

So far - a good start!

The 15 our flight went pretty quick - I had every intention to do some reading but somehow between such inspiring, educational TV such as the Kardashians, and the endless love stories portrayed by Ashton Kuthcher, they became a waste of space in the seat pocket quickly! And from the laughter that was coming from Brendens seat over such classics as "Here Comes the Boom', Refreshing our spanish, definatly did not happen! There was a brief moment where the Ipad had some use for "Stick Man Cliff Diving' and the 4Pics1Word - which was short lived as we are now stuck on level 11 dan have been for 20+ hours and counting!

Things I did learn on the plane where if the airhostess spills a pitcher of Hot choclate all over you and burns you arm, you will be upgraded on the return flight (not me unfortunatly!), if your pregnant what ever food they bring you get to say 'Im preganant, can I please have 2-3?' (again, not me, but after the mini hot pocket pizzas came it was mighty tempting to put my pillow up my shirt and claim pregnant thats for sure! I also learnt that many coffees and Restivat sleeping tablets are oposing views. Who would have thought!

We have just woken from daytime nap number 1 - finally got the room after not being able to check in until 2pm and arriving at 8am this morning! We have walked up and down Venice Beach, there is not a cloud in the sky today and their described weather of 'cold' and 'very chilly' has been a lovely warm melbourne day!

Have slipped right back into the American life style and vocab very quickly - although walking past our old van, I am very grateful to have a room this time, and not be looking for either a cold beach shower or a Starbucks basin to wash my hair in! We are staying right on the beach at the SameSun hostel in Venice Beach (right up from the 'Venice' sign, for those who know the area! with the sea right outside our window and an odd aroma of a 'medicinal marajuana' store - classic LA!

Just getting ready to head down to Washington street which has restaurants over looking the Venice Beach Pier and sunset for some Hotwings and Tequilla!


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