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Published: October 11th 2009
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Firstly i wana clear up the bag didnt exactly get lost...well did but didnt, it missed the flight so got on the next one and arrived by the time i woke up on the 1st morning i was were all good on that front. Dont panic people.

CLOUDY.....Woke up early this morning, im talking 7! ahhhhhhh all because of the early night again and accidently falling asleep early. So, once again making the most of the tea and usual, then finding out that our new buddy charlotte was going to santa monica today she offered us a lift as we were going to catch the bus there. Her sister and her boyfriend (emma and ian) were out here visiting and staying in a hotel with a car rented so this is how we caught our ride!. Much appreciated guys, thanks 😊

CLOUDY......11am we set off and arriving in santa monica after about 20mins, it seems like the roads are busy here 24/7! chatting to them all having a bit of banter in the car shortly arrive at santa monica, admiring the promenade, as we drive by i was impressed with once again the clean roads and the well kept topiary (if thats right ?) it seems like no matter where you go they are very good at keeping things clean and tidy. its nice to see compared to home.

I COULDNT RESIST....Diesel shop here we come!....had to take a gander...although compared to home was shocked it was very expensive so limited myself to a new hat. Any of you that have been to america will know american eagle, bargains at good quality so managed to persuade charmaine to let me buy 2 t-shirts...$21 bargain woooop. this is the traveller lifestyle, spending little but making it go a long way.

SUNNY FOR THE REST OF THE DAY woooo.......Walking down the promenade some tarrott reader shouts out "miss you are pregnant" now that is freaky as they have only just found out and nothing was visible, we were shocked and so Ian decided to give him a go, not usually believing that crap. Without going into any detail the guy seemed pretty bloody good, il give it to him.

We then decided to go for a bite, guess where?......yep thats right McDonalds. HAHA, the first one since we have been here though and decided to go large out here is something else!

After that we jumped back in the car for a few minute journey to Santa monica pier. This was where Forrest Gump ran to and down; the restaurant that was there was called "Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co." Was it the shrimps that he caught where he sold it to or something? cant remember. It had loads of Forrest quotes and gimics...not sure wether its a true story or not but seemed interesting and we had a laugh.

On the pier, the girls seemed to love trying on stupid hats where we have loads of pictures of em. Then suddenly one of them saw a "dolphin"...oh no "loads of dolphins"....well how wrong were was a rock in the water....oh my god! iv got another 6months of this; even though it gave us a nice little laugh.

I brought some cheapie flip flops and charmaine decided to get an ankle bracelet and necklace....gota make the most of the cheap deals!

Charlotte has now moved out and staying in a hotel for the next few nights as her friend is coming over from England and then probably meeting us probably back in Fiji as she arrives on the thurs and we arrive on the monday.

PARTY started at 8, the keg came out once more, along with a few coronas in the afternoon it was set out to be a good night! the alcohol run out at 10.30 i wanted to hit the famous sunset boulevard so we managed to catch the shuttle bus down there. We went with a dutch couple and Johnny from essex. We firstly went into a place called the rainbow lounge...more of a restaurant with a bar part to it. was fun tho, all it was was like rockers! strange and i know that i felt like i was dressed not for the occasion (even tho i was wearing jeans and shirt...they were all in like leathers and could tell we were foreigners a mile off. After havin 2 quick drinks and then shooting off we then didnt know where to go...ending up in Johnny Depp's bar. Viper this is dark! really small and live music on with a little moshing going on at the front with black walls, ceilings, floor, it was welllll dingey! (pronounced din-j-ey) not like dingy....following that we headed out to some other random place which i cannot remember what it was called but it looked cool with all glass walls, and dancers on the bars! happy days!...we all liked it. Of course and ended up grabbin something to eat...a pizza infact then getting a taxi home. All in all i didnt know what to expect, it just seemed like a load of wanabee's really, different scene and not really my type of music but we all enjoyed rocking out to the music (which was louddddd) in Viper Rooms.

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