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Published: June 18th 2010
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Long Term Goals

Ok so I haven't technically started my traveling yet, but visiting friends and family is always a fantastic way to start an adventure. This entry is really just to test the waters and get it out there that I have in fact succumbed to the world of blogging, at least for the next three months.

The plan: June 21st fly from LA to Lima Peru.
June 22-July 4 mosey down the coast with my bro, and I mean that in the literal sense.
July 4-September 12 live and be awesome in Vinya del mar (my computer here doesn't have the proper lettering, I'll work on it).
September 13 get to Santiago
September 14 fly home

Details to come. Stay posted.



18th June 2010

great news
Dear Alina, Thank you so much for doing a blog for those of us who love you. I am eager to see the next entry. Travel safely and know you are loved. Catherine
21st June 2010

have a great one!
looking forward to your blog; love to you and T.

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