Busy day at the Magic Kingdom

Published: June 6th 2017
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Geo: 33.8327, -117.916

Early Entry was at 7 am so we met at 6:45 to go to the Monorail and into Disneyland. Unfortunately, the Monorail was having issues and was not going to be able to take us into the park so we walked the rest of the way.

We were able to ride all of the Fantasyland rides (except Pinocchio which is closed while the refurbish it), the Matterhorn and Finding Nemo Subs (which we walked right onto). By the time we finished it was park opening time so Steve and I ran to get FastPasses for Space Mountain while the rest of our families waited near Autopia which was going to be our next ride. Kelsie loves to drive the cars so we ride this every time as early in the day as we can so we avoid the huge lines that form.

Once we finished driving on Autopia we went to the bakery for breakfast. We then used our Space FastPasses. Next came a ride on Buzz Lightyear then off to explore the rest of the park. The crowds weren't awful at all and we were able to see most of the park.

Lunch was at the Blue Bayou and we were able to get a table right on the water. As usual, we got our Monte Cristo Sandwiches and Mint Juleps.

We took an afternoon pool break which was awesome! It was hot and that little bit of time in the cool water was a great pick me up.

Dinner was at Rancho del Zocalo inside Disneyland Park. Regan loves this place so we eat there every visit.

We made arrangements to have the Preferred Seating for Fantasmic which was great. The dessert box was packed full of pastries, cheeses, crackers and grapes. We were able to stay and watch the fireworks too!

Afterwords Nikki, Susan and Brittany went back to the hotel and Steve, Regan, Kelsie, Justin, Josh and I stayed to ride some rides. We got in line for Space Mountain..it broke down. Then, in line for the Matterhorn...it broke down. Then we went to Big Thunder Mountain...it worked. Then we decided we were beat and were going to take the Monorail back to the hotel. On the way there, we passed Casey Jr and it had no wait. Steve remembered this ride from his childhood and, since I didn't let him ride it last September, we decided we would do it. Josh and Justin LOVED the ride. Then we went to the Monorail...guess what?! it broke down.

So, we walked back to the hotel for bed.


29th July 2009

It broke Down What do you two have 'TOSS'? Figure it out I'm sure one of you will.
30th July 2009

Re: It broke Down I have no clue what TOSS stands for....help me out.
30th July 2009

Re: Re: It broke Down I don't know what TOSS means either - what does it stand for?!

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