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North America » United States » California » Gualala November 23rd 2015

I messaged a warmshowers host the next day named Judy whom Matt recommended, she responded quickly and said I could come past that night but that her place had a huge hill. She wasn't kidding it was very steep and the temperature was low, by the time I got there I was pretty tired, right on around dinner it had been a 50 mile day that day, the first in almost a month. I was invited into the farmhouse and there were three other people inside, two English cyclists guesting there as well named Kate and Carol and Judy's father who must have been pretty old as Judy was no spring chicken. We ate well and drank beer and then had to listen to Judy's father go on about this story or that from world war ... read more
Notice the birds in this photo

North America » United States » California » Gualala July 1st 2013

We knew there was a heatwave coming from yesterday and by 11 am when we left Jen and Wayde's, it was already in the 90's and brutally humid. Our plan was to get to the coast and find some cooler weather. We left it too late! We had to travel by interstate for the first 40 minutes and it was 40 minutes too long. The traffic on both I-80 and I-5 was crazy and congested and we had to ride like bats out of hell just to keep up while negotiating lane changes to accommodate impatient merging traffic travelling at the speed of lightning. We immediately started our technique of ice in the shirts and jackets in an attempt to stay cool as the temperature soared up to 106 again. Our plan was to travel through ... read more
Along route 121
Melted ice, really
That's why you should wear white

North America » United States » California » Gualala June 22nd 2011

Sitting on the deck in a shroud of silence, staring at azure waters of the Pacific Ocean, sunlight dancing and reflecting on the waves and then there is a realization that it is not quiet at all. The ocean rumbles softly in the distance and a heightened awareness of wind lightly howling through the pine trees. The breeze is cool on a warm day and brushes against our cheeks, the pine smell permeates our surroundings as we relax, unwind and allow ourselves to be embraced by Mother Nature. Faced with such beauty, it is on these days it is unfathomable that there are wars and unhappiness in the world. Earlier in the day we hiked along the trails of the seaside town of Mendocino drinking in the quaintness of the town, enjoying magnificent oceans views, appreciating ... read more
Summer flowers along the coast
Moonlight on the Pacific
Bear Republic Brewery

North America » United States » California » Gualala September 20th 2010

Monday 20th September. After a review of our last few weeks and some good advice we've decided to slow the pace down. Infact we've slowed it down that much that we've stopped. We're having a couple of days off in Gualala, a lovely village on the Pacific Coast 120 miles north of San Francisco. We're staying at the "Seacliff on the Bluff" hotel which has stunning views overlooking the Pacific, a spa bath, giant sized bed (with white sheets), champagne in the fridge and a fire in the bedroom... Bliss... I don't want to leave. Roll back one week... I was devestated when David told me the hub on his bike needed fixed and that, after contacting Rohloff the manufacturer, the only way of doing this was by being in San Fransisco week commencing 27th September. ... read more
Mendicino Coastline - Stunning.
And more....
and more...

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