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We had a lovely drive up from San Francisco today. Most of the day was spent traveling through the giant Redwoods. After we got all set up at camp, we took a 31 miles drive called "Avenue of the Giants". As you can tell by my pictures, these are some VERY tall trees. We wanted to drive through the tree in Myers Flat, but Jon & Joyce truck was too wide and tall. Instead we walked through it.. It's amazing how old these trees are. We also toured through the "One Log House", which reminded us of our current traveling homes. More great Redwood scenery tomorrow.... read more
Aveunue of Giants drive
Drive thru Tree 1
Drive thru Tree 2

May 15th. After a fairly easy day's drive we arrived about 3:00pm and had time to follow the Avenue of Giants, a local scenic drive through various groves of Pacific Coast redwood trees before resting for the day. These trees are different than the sequoias in east central California. They are less massive, taller and more slender. Nevertheless they are big trees. Looking forward to Crescent City and getting to see Don & Judy. Joyce really wants to see the Jedediah Smith State Park and other parts of the Redwood National Park. We covered about 200 miles today bring the total since leaving San Antonio to over 2,000.... read more

Well, we traveled down the Oregon coast, from Astoria to Cannon Beach where we stayed in a little rv park called "Sea Ranch". Wasn't the greatest place, but we stayed two days. Saw the beach, rode our bikes and played with the grandkids. Gerry has been writing in his journal everyday. Cartoons and all. The weather all along the coast was cold, but so beautiful. We have taken pictures, but haven't gotten around to uploading them to the blog. We traveled from Cannon Beach to Crescent City on Thursday, July 28th, as we had to get here to Garberville by Friday, July 29th to meet up with Jason our son and his two boys. Now we are just chillin by the pool in 86 degree weather. Loving it.....we are here for 3 days, then on to ... read more

Reggae en Yosemite Eindelijk was het dan zover: Reggae on the River festival ! Het begon s’morgens al om 10.00 uur en was om ongeveer 10.00 s’avonds weer afgelopen. De zon deed behoorlijk zijn best en het was daardoor behoorlijk warm, gelukkig waren er mensen zo vriendelijk om ons met een tuinslang te besproeien, heerlijk. De drukte begon al vroeg en het eerste optreden was al om 10.30 uur. Het was echt super gaaf, er waren flink wat stands die allerhande artikelen en etenswaren verkochten. Na een lekker bordje met Jerk Chicken, rijst en salade waren we er klaar voor. Er waren echt allerlei diverse mensen, van hippie tot reggae en alles er tussenin, gezinnen met kleine kinderen, veel stoelen en kleden op de grond waar mensen op zaten. Lekker relaxed allemaal. Het leuke was dat ... read more
2 zonnebrillen, sunglasses
3 the river
4 Queen Omega on stage, Queen Omega op het podium

North America » United States » California » Garberville April 21st 2007

We leave San Fransisco early and head out across Golden Gate Bridge towards Humboldt County. Todays long drive will lead us to the Avenue of Giants, a stretch of scenic road that's set among a Redwood Forest. I'm doing my first stint behind the wheel today and it's not too bad. Occasionally there's a narrow or windey bit I don't like and at one point I'm being tailgated by a large pickup with massive wheels. Not quite a monster truck but not far off. I can see that he's got a Jeep on his flatbed and at the next given opportunity I pull over to let him pass. As he goes by I notice that there's a flag attached to the jeep. Not your usual patriotic stars and stripes but a huge Nazi swastiker! We ... read more
Where's reverse?
Giant Redwoods
Giant Redwoods II

North America » United States » California » Garberville April 21st 2007

Yesterday we left Garberville, I have to say that I couldn't get away quick enough. Looking back it was probably the weirdest place I've ever been to. Just a one road town with lots of odd people and not one good restaurant. Apparently Humboldt County, which Garberville is in, grows or at least used to grow most of the marijuana consumed by the West Coast, so maybe the locals were stoned and not just thick. We're on the road by eight and drive back through Willets and Ukiah and take a turn off onto the I80 towards Tahoe. I'm driving this stretch and the roads are straight the surroundings flat and it's not a bad looking day, a bit cloudy but no warning whatsoever of what's to come. At one point Kev spots a signal ... read more
Somewhere outside Donner

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