Portland, Sea Lions, and California

Published: April 15th 2007
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We finally made it to California! Sorry it's been so long since we wrote last, but it's hard to find internet in all the small towns we go through.
Thanks to Tom, Susan, Nora, & Rory for the time we spent with them in Seattle. We had a great time while preparing for our journey. Those kids are so cute-- check out our flickr.
Our first three days from Seattle to Portland were good, just trying to figure out a pace and get used to camping in strange places, like sneeking onto Army bases and waking to the sound of morter blasts in the backround, very cool.
Arriving in Portland felt really great, stopped at the Ash st. tavern for a cold drink and a burger, dropped Sharkeys name and Mike from Magic courier instantly offered us his place to stay, thanks Mike! ZAK takes us to the docks on the Willamut river, to see Portland the right way.
Then we met up with some old friends from Pittsburgh, it's been like 8 years since I've seen these kids, and lots has changed. It's good to see J. Wachs, he and Sara put us up for a couple of nights, thanks kids. J. also drove us out the Columbia River Gourge to see Chrissy Hoag and Lennis who own a coffee shop in Hood River, very cool!
It's great to see Jolena, and Leann (congradulations on your ingagment). And meet up with B.T. and Kim, who put us up for a night, make us delicious dinner (Megs 1st pork-chop), and talk us into spending an extra night in Portland so we can go skate some parks. Great to see everybody, and thanks again for all of the help!
Since then we have seen some very beautiful coast line along the way. Steep cliffs drop hundreds of feet to rocky shores. Some big climbs so far, and the biggest are yet to come. We have logged over 500 miles with about 49hours of ride time.
We are both holding up well, a few disagreements here and there, but nothing major. We are learning alot about what helps and what discourages each other, and trying to do the former, rather than the latter... Thanks for checking in on us. Hopefully we can update more often. I'll turn it over to megs now-------

This is Megs. Well, my favorite part has definitely been the sea lion caves in Florence, OR. You take an elevator like 200+ feet down in the ground, into the largest sea cave. In there is like HUNDREDS of sea lions, from giant males to babies, making that crazy sea lion bark noise and bein fat and climbing on rocks and swimming around. It completely blew my mind. I think there's one picture on our flickr account ( which is linked here ) but you should google it if you're bored at work. It's amazing.

I've been trying hard to work up to doing more miles. It's definitely been hard on my body, I'm real sore all the time, with achy knees and numb hands. The other day we got up to 85 miles when we rode into Gold Beach, OR, and it felt really good. That is the most miles I've ever done in one shot (with bathroom breaks of course). Hopefully I'll keep improving, but coming up we have the California coast, which is pretty hilly. But I can't wait to get to SF, I've never been there before ever.

Hey, and if you haven't already, you should send us your mailing address, either by email or by text (to megs). We've been pretty good about writing postcards, and you love to get mail! Hopefully we'll get a chance to upload all of the pictures we have on our camera...it gets expensive at a pay by the minute coffee shop!

Megs and Stewy


16th April 2007

oh megsles...april fools wasnt the same without you! keep posting! i love this shit! i am so happy for you and dont ever forget to push yourself harder than you think you can go, cos you're a super strong woman and i know you can!!! i love you!
16th April 2007

you guys are so rad!
Gary (the duck) and Goldie (the chicken) are waiting for you in LA! (and so am I)
17th April 2007

hahahaha! 1234!
We can't wait to see yinz guys on the southern tip of california. hope all remains well. keep it in the big ring. let us know when you get close.
23rd April 2007

American Fliers
hey you guys are doing great, wish i was there, watched american fliers yesterday and couldnt stop thinking about you two. keep up the good work and we are all cheering for you both. talk to you soon dad training with eddie!!!!
24th April 2007

stew's Dad's friend
You guys are all that, i can't believe what you are doing and plan on doing if you make it to england, which i know you'll make it some how. Your Dad talks about you all the time at the Boot Camp and is so proud of your accomplishments. Stay Strong and Stay Safe!! Later, Kyle

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