Soggy Northern California to the Frisco Bay

Published: April 24th 2007
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This is Megs!

Since we last updated this blog thingy, we made one major realization. Just because you are in the state of "California" it certainly does not mean sun. Pretty much from the border of CA until we got to SF it was rain. And rain. Then drizzle. A peek of sun. We were really expecting to get rained on in Washington and Oregon, but we had awesome weather there. Weird.

Definitely my favorite part about the ride down to San Franciso was going through the Red Woods. Just these *amazing* trees all around you that were around during the freaking American Revolution or earlier. We camped in Prairie Creek, a state park in the Red Woods. There were tons of elks all around, and we went fishing in a stream near our campsite. Stewy taught me all about fishing, and I caught five trouts. They made a delicious dinner at our campsite.

Yeah, I show Megs the ropes about fishing, and she catches all the fish-- "beginers luck" they call that. We did really enjoy the Redwoods though, I leaned my bike against a tree that had fallen across the road, and counted the rings, 262 years old. It was a small tree in comparison to some of the others. A park ranger in Cresent City, CA told us the Giant Sequioas have been known to live for over 2,000 years!

The weather through northern California was kind of a bummer, but we pushed through it, and I feel certain the worst is behind us. Fergus met us on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday night, and showed us some of the local watering holes. Sunday we went to an arts/craft show he was helping his friend work a booth at. Chuey makes some really great cycling hats out of recycled materials, and was nice enough to hook Megan and I up with new hats for our ride. Thanks Chuey! his stuff is really great. Then we vistited Fregus' friends from high school for a BBQ, had a great time there, fish tacos, and a few Pacifico's. Monday, Megs and I just kinda got lost in the city, checked out Chinatown, and Coit tower.

Now we are packing up, and preparing to do a short ride, 30-40 miles down towards Half-moon Bay. And get back in the groove of camping-biking-camping. We've had a great time in San Francisco, and are looking forward to visiting our friendsd in sunny Southern California. I can't get that "On The Road Again"-Willie Nelson song out of my head, I sing it every morning. I'm sure it's driving Megan crazy.

For the couriers who care, it sounds like Fergus has got a killer NAC's lined up. He was also just voted President of the SFBMA, so congradulate him when you come out here at the end of May. OK time to get on the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again....


24th April 2007

aw yeah!
i hope you took pics of the trees! sounds amazing! the weather in philly is getting near summer time!!! it's been in the 70s-80s all week, but rain is on the way... again! totally random, but i was watching "The Third Man" - an old flick from the early 50s w/ Orsen Wells - and the main character, whose name i forget, looked exactly like Stewy! and it was a great movie too! have fun! luve ya both!
26th April 2007

Damn I want to ride a bike
Your trip sound awesome and make me want to get on a bike again. Ride Hard Live Hard

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