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March 29th 2007
Published: March 29th 2007
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We made it to Seattle in one piece...we put our bikes together and rode around the city some. I've been slowly uploading some pictures to my flickr account, it's super slow. I want to write more but I'm really really tired. This time difference of only three hours is for real. So if you want to see some pictures, go to My Flickr Account...but for some strange reason a lot of them came out blue, I'm really not sure why...

I'm also going to put up some pictures from our going away race and party. I was sitting next to the Sound today wondering what my wonderful friends in Philly were doing, and how much I wish they could be with me. Is Alice drinking a sparks? Is Michelle going "yeooow"? I always knew it, but leaving reminded me that I have some really REALLY awesome friends in Philly who would throw down in a heart beat for me. Aw, ladies, you certainly are in my thoughts. And I have to really thank Maggie for giving me the metal lobster to keep me from blowing away, as she put it.

More to come, I promise promise promise.



30th March 2007

oh boy i've been waiting for this day! i've been thinking about you guys so much lately dearies, i'm so glad you've started your adventure. always in my thoughts. oh and by the way, yesterday i met this irish guy at a bar who reminded me so much of stewy. he's a magician named herbie.
30th March 2007

and it has begun! i can't wait to read more! so what's up w/ the route map??? does stewy's dream machine ride across water? sweet! if you run into my lil' sis in africa, tell i said i miss her. i miss you two already too... philly misses you both!!! many sparks in the park will be toasted to you while you're gone - you better believe that. have fun! lots of love!
31st March 2007

I saw your pictures and they were beautiful. Good luck on your trip. Love, your sister Mary.
31st March 2007

Ummm, I love you. When am I going to New York? Ummm - in a bunch of years, until its Spring. Ummm, and now and when am I going to, to, to ummm Maine?
1st April 2007

megs i missed you the other day and was feeling blue, so i bought two pairs of earrings that you would love and have been wearing them ever since. at the same time.
4th April 2007

here we go!
love you megs! sparks season is just beginning! i had one this past saturday night, walking down the street, out of a paper bag. it felt so...how do i say...SUMMER. and summer won't be the same without you. but we'll have our own awesome adventures and reconvene to discuss. prob at oscars. or on my stoop. with sparks.

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