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May 23rd 2017
Published: May 23rd 2017
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How many times have you been told a certain place or tourist site is the "best" you will ever experience? Unfortunately, more times than not, these sites can be a big letdown, like Machu Picchu, or The Alamo in San Antonio. But let it be known that travel, though often motivated by famous landmarks, is about making some kind of connection, either to people or experiences.

Here are mine:

Stonehenge, after a long bus ride out there, I thought to myself, "Is that it?" After everything I saw and read, it is quite a sad little place, with rather shabby souvenir stands, and a single rope blocking tourists from touching the rocks. Why did I waste my time? I consider it one of the biggest disappointments of my travels!!

Equator, was interesting, but now I find out that the overdone monument and tacky tourist center is NOT located on the Equator itself. We were duped!! Plus it cost us $$ and time, on our way to Otavalo, which was also a little sad and touristy.

Hollywood Walk of Fame is perhaps the worst tourist trap of all time. What does a brass star in the filthy sidewalk cement really signify? Perhaps, that someone paid for that star so we could take a photo or selfie with it?? Even the bus tour to famous people's home would be better? Even Forest Lawn!

Mall of America, I was looking forward to it. And it is huge, but like most other large malls across this great country of ours. The differentiator is the amusement park inside the dome, at the center of the mall. I think it belongs to the kids!

Any Madame Tussaud's, though I went to the original in London back in the 70's. My buddy insisted that we go. It was a big letdown back then. I could have spent the afternoon drinking in a pub, and staggering home that evening.

Others on list: Four Corners, Times Square, Mexico City, Dubai. Personally, I enjoy Times Square each time I visit. And Mexico City is a very underrated place. Four Corners is in the middle of nowhere (over 2.5 hours form Moab). You would be better served by going to a real location. Forget Dubai, just a man made creation.

You might ask, then, what are some really great places? How about Wimbledon, Angkor Wat, Torres del Paine, Table Mountain (Cape Town), the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, the Aurora borealis, Antelope Canyon, Luang Prabang, our National Parks, Penang, Amazonia? Sound good?

What is you most disappointing tourist place?


24th May 2017

All the places I loved to visit in the past...
have been overrun by tourists. Now I'm going off the tourist trail to find other special places. Norway is next. With the high cost of living there I don't expect to see many tourist and know there is great scenery.
24th May 2017

Norway Expensive
If you are going for the Aurora, go to Alaska instead. Closer and cheaper.
24th May 2017

I'm going to Norway to walk the St. Olavsleden pilgrim trail in July...
I've seen the Pennsylvania driving to my girlfriend's (now wife) home. Really inexpensive...the drive that is...not the wife!

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