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North America » United States » California » Castro Valley February 11th 2017

Geo: 37.6945, -122.086It's 6:17am and the alarm is telling me to "get up". Our driver and her assistant will be here at 9am to ferry us and our luggage to OAK. I instruct Karen to begin our last minute preparations while I snooze for 10 more minutes. Our bags are packed, cameras, iPad and phones charged and ready to go. Boarding passes, passports, wallet, credit cards, medications? Check. Cats have food? Who cares. Heat off? Light timers on? I think we're ready. We are going to the Caribbean for two weeks, however, we will not be alone.Last August I booked a Holland America cruise for a week. Those additional 7 days will put us into the 4 star category with some nice perks offered on our future cruises. To make the long flight to Florida worthwhile, ... read more
Oakland Airport
Karen at the OAK Skycap Desk
Making Our Way Through Security.

North America » United States » California » Castro Valley October 18th 2014

Geo: 37.7055, -122.047Spent much of the morning food shopping and preparing for the afternoon gathering.So the three cousins (Robyn, Diana and Ann), each the daughter of one of the three sisters born to Bill and Gladys McGown, met and swapped family stories. Diana's niece Stephanie also came, and a good time was had by all. Robyn had culled and scanned old family photos and Dwayne displayed these on his TV to much discussion and reminiscing.Golf on Sunday while Rob took Ann sightseeing. Dinner at Dwayne's Sequoyah Country Club.Shopping on Monday and admin catch-up. The Livermore Premium Outlets shopping centre had lots of high-end stores with generally discounted prices.... read more
Sequoyah Country Club
Joellen's horse Tucker

North America » United States » California » Castro Valley September 2nd 2013

I am finally moved out of my place. Yay! I am so excited and nervous about my move to Thailand. I know I have made the right decision. Two more months until I flight out to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for my month long program to learn TESOL. Then early December my group and I will drive to Pattaya, Thailand.... read more

Geo: 37.709, -122.089Well last day at home. Leaving tomorrow at 11 so much to do so little time.  Still have to pack makeup but getting real tired.. Bummer here for last minute take care of things ...only tomorrow morning left to. Getter done........ read more

Geo: 37.709, -122.089I had to go to Costco to get more luggage just what Al wants to here!!!!! Post office to mail out all the bills for when were gone and of course Miner Mart for Al's milk....Getting Ready to go to Dinos restaurant for my Birthday dinner at 6:30 Getting more and more antsy about leaving home but excited also..Just a few more days and gone thurs morning....Had a very nice phone call from my brother Joe for my birthday nice talking to him...Just Karen... read more
The family wishing me a Happy Birthday

Geo: 37.709, -122.089Mom is still trying to put 60#s of crap in 50# suitcase. My words are cut back! She can't. WE have to haul those bags on the train so they need to be light. She thinks she can't buy anything over there. That's all for now.Al... read more

Geo: 37.709, -122.089Just doing things around the house. Mom's packing. Put in some irrigation. Went to dumps. Manuel came by yesterday to give the yards a once over. Mom's getting freaked about Al-Keida. I work for 3 more days and then gone.This is a test.Al... read more

North America » United States » California » Castro Valley August 31st 2010

I'm leaving for SFO in two hours. Not sleeping now so I can sleep on the plane. Time for a new chapter in the life of Matt Small, complete with pictures and commentary from the author... read more

North America » United States » California » Castro Valley August 30th 2010

I am currently in San Diego after a month away travelling. America has flown by and we are leaving for South America on Thursday. I apologise for not updating this earlier but to be honest I have been enjoying myself too much and have had too much to do like go out, go to the beach etc. I also apologise for some dodgy spelling, there is no spell check. Our first day was quite eventful. There was a tearful goodbye from my mum at the airport, obviously. As we were going through security Doug started setting off the alarms, he was called over and they asked if he knew what he had tried to bring through, bemused he said nothing. The security then pulled out 4 kitchen knives from his bag. He had left them in ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » California » Castro Valley August 29th 2010

43 hours until my flight leaves. couldn't be more excited. still not packed. played video games all day for the past two days, which i needed after such a long withdraw during the summer, but it's time to get business finished. ... read more

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