National Dog Day

Published: September 14th 2018
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Well, well, what is next? National Dog Day is today, August 26. I saw a bunch of dogs parading around ATT Park at the Giants game on TV today. All of a sudden, they showed hundreds of dogs, sitting in the centerfield bleachers with their owners.

Personally, every day is dog day in our home. Lexi, our mini Labradoodle, gets most of the attention around here. I really do not think she needs a "day" to emphasize her importance to us. She makes us happy. And she is the happiest little girl we have ever seen!

National Dog Day (NDD) was created in 2004, by animal activist Colleen Paige. It is celebrated on August 26th. This day is meant to celebrate all dogs, whether AKC breeds or mutts and fosters, and everything in between. Why? They are mankind's best friend, of course!

Among the many contributions dogs make to us, first is comfort and amusement. Dogs are mood elevators. The dog's need for exercise keeps us moving, and focused on the great outdoors.

NDD suggests many ways to celebrate today:

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• Teach your dog a new trick.
• Play outdoors with your dog.
• Get your dog groomed. (coming up on Thursday)
• Treat your dog to a new leash, collar, or toy.
• Volunteer or donate to a dog welfare organization. (We did that yesterday to animal rescue Fresno)
• Consider adopting a dog from a rescue organization or shelter. (We have in the past, twice!)
• Take pictures of your dog and post on social media. (Never done that!)
• Take your dog to a "yappy" hour.
• Host a dog party.

The top dog-loving states are: California and New York at 88%!,(MISSING) followed by Washington, Tennessee, and Florida.

Fully, 86%!o(MISSING)f us tell our dogs that we love them, at least monthly.

And 73%!o(MISSING)f us buy our dog a toy or gift monthly.

Can you believe 68%!o(MISSING)f dog owners allow their dog to sleep with them at least once a month?

Nearly 70% of dog owners would rather spend time with their dog than you. And for you singles out there, nearly four women in ten would rather spend time with their dog than dating. For men, it is only 23%, but still rather surprising!

In conclusion: a dog is a man's (woman's) best friend. Don't forget it!!!

The photos: our little Lexi, then Buddy, and then little Beau.


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