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I had heard about this town in numerous media - songs, TV, writings, etc. So when I saw that it was a great stopping point on my way between the Liberty Bowl and the Cotton Bowl, I decided to take the opportunity to explore. I've visited Kansas City, another city that's split between two states, but I think Texarkana - as the name implies - embraces that dual identity better. The city seems to be centered around State Line Ave, a street that literally divides the town down the border between Texas and Arkansas. The Post Office is also right on that border, and it's a great tourist trap for photographers. They've set up a "photographer's island" in front of the Post Office just for that purpose, so that you're not in the middle of the ... read more
Straddling 2 States
Miler County (Arkansas) Courthouse - Art Deco!
First Baptist Church of Texarkana, AR

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