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May 2nd 2011
Published: May 3rd 2011
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Hi there, lovely people, Trish here.

Yesterday we got back from Flagstaff, which was cold at nearly 7000 ft to Phoenix which is hot, low desert. We're back at Bruce and Mandi's being treated like royalty. Very nice. We came back via Sedona, which is gorgeous, surrounded by red, jagged cliffs.
It's a very arty sort of place, lots of galleries. Also very New Age. Just the place if you want to get your shakras tattooed or your crystal ball shined. We passed on those. It's been interesting going through such a diverse landscape.
I noticed that if you go down a thousand feet or so, the leaves are out on the oak trees, and spring has hit, whereas it hadn't yet, back up the road.

Today, we went to malls. Seriously went to MALLS. Mandy is the champion of shopping. It was all I could do to keep up, and no way could I maintain her determination to achieve bargains. I'm afraid I'm a baby when it comes to the serious art of Mall-Crawling. (Actually, Gary wass much better at it than me, also. I'd have given up halfway through the afternoon, but pride kept me going.) I managed to buy one seriously comfortable pair of shoes, while everyone else shopped like demons. Oh, and I got loads of cool stuff for Penelope, who is going to be incredibly well-dressed at some time in the near future. (Don't tell her, though. It's a surprise!!!) America is the land of shopping bargains, just as Mr. B. Bryson indicated in one of his many fine and entertaining books,
Today was Nathanaels' birthday, so we went to IHOP for dinner. International House Of Pancakes. And yes, the kids did indeed dine on PANCAKES. Bye for now.


5th May 2011

We will be very quiet to Penelope about this mall blog - she will not find out via word of mouth about all the exciting clothes in store for her! But I imagine if we did tell her we may just get some slobbery bubbles in return. Latest trick - blowing bubbles, sticking hand in her mouth then touching your face. Lovely.

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