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October 2nd 2013
Published: October 10th 2013
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Tina Writes:

I had slept all throughout the night without waking up to vomit etc so I had high hopes as I awoke that I had indeed had food poisoning and it was now cleared up. If I could bottle that feeling of relief I would be a gazzillionaire! And what a relief it was as today we head to Monument Valley. I have been looking forward to this the most.

Due to the shut-down of The Grand Canyon we decided to go and see the biggest meteor crater in the world, something we had taken off the itinerary due to time constraints previously, so not all was lost.

The crater is privately owned land and they have built a visitor centre with a museum attached. Of course it costs to get in but $16 each was ok by us. It was really cool. We took lots of photos and touched bits of meteor. However it was just a big hole in the end so that’s all I have to say about that.

The drive to Monument Valley was very scenic and as we neared the valley itself the rock formation become more and more awesome. As we pulled up to our hotel, there in front of us were the monuments so familiar to me from so many movies and games. We got to our room and went straight to the balcony, as this was what we were paying for. The hotel was called ‘The View’ after all and a view is what we got. I don’t even think I can describe it. It was magnificent. Photo taking commenced. It’s almost impossible to stop taking photos even although you know they all look the same.

We then went for dinner at the hotel restaurant. This was our only option and I feared it would be a total piss tick price wise but in actual fact the food was priced very well and the portions were quite frankly insane. We watched the sunset over the monuments as we ate and then headed back for some more photos on the balcony. There’s not much to do once the sun goes down other than star gaze and out here that’s pretty amazing too but the light from the hotel obscured our viewing a little. We had noticed a jigsaw had been started in the lobby so we decided to try and finish it. I love a good jig. We had an early start next day as we would be up for sunrise, so we hit the hay.

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