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September 9th 2010
Published: October 8th 2010
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There are many beautifull places in this world & we have been fortunate to visit many of them. The little side canyon on the Grand Canyon that contains the homeland of the Havasupai People is beautiful beyond belief.

It is a ten mile walk from the parking lot on top to the campground in the canyon. The tribe operates mule pack-trains to the campground. We carried our packs down with us, but opted to use the mule train to carry them to the top for us.

About 8 miles down the trail, we passed thru the village of Supai.
There is a helecopter service to the village for the residents and for paying visitors. There is a store & a couple of cafes in the village as well.

The Canyon was hit by a major flood in 2008 that changed the waterfalls. One waterfall, Navajo Falls, was destroyed, in in the same general area, there are now 2 falls, "New Navajo Falls" and Fifty Foot Falls. Further down the canyon is Havasu Falls & then the campground. Beyond that is Mooney Falls, the bottom of which is reached by climbing down the travertine cliff using a couple of small tunnels and a system of hand holding chains and cut foot holds.

We stayed in the canyon for 5 days. As I said before, it was beautifull beyond belief. Pictures don't come close to doing it justice, but here are a few to give a little bit of an idea....

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Climbing down to base of Mooney FallsClimbing down to base of Mooney Falls
Climbing down to base of Mooney Falls

Look closly & you can see people on the route down
The GardiansThe Gardians
The Gardians

These rocks are the Guardians of Supai Village

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