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North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon February 20th 2021

Skywalk at Grand Canyon Arizona, USA 2010... read more
Me and My Cousin’s Family at Skywalk

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon September 29th 2020

Driving down US Hwy 89A, I passed a nice scenic overlook. About 100 meters downhill I made my stop on an unmarked scenic overlook on a rough dirt road leading to a nice free legal camp. From that location you can see House Rock, an old trading post and post office. Driving downhill the highway leaves the Kaibab NF (and the Kaibab Plateau) just before reaching House Rock; an old trading post and post office. The dominant geologic feature there (and to the Colorado River) is the Vermilion Cliffs. Driving East I passed the Town of Vermilion Cliffs and the settlement of Cliff Dwellers. I drove to the Town of Marble Canyon by Marble Canyon of the Colorado River. The East side of the river is the Navajo (Native American) Reservation. The National Park Service turned ... read more
US Hwy 89A, N Kaibab NF, Arizona
US Hwy 89A, House Rock, Arizona
US Hwy 89A, House Rock (& 4X4 dirt road to Utah), Arizona

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon September 8th 2019

Grand Canyon--North Rim 2019, 9-1 Grand Canyon-North Rim VID 20190901 125048841 HDR Add description img= 2019, 9-1 Grand Canyon , North Rim VID 20190902 055038304 HDR img= 2019, 9-1 Grand Canyon, North Rim VID 20190901 130609861 HDR img= read more
IMG_20190901_190716880 - Copy

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon June 12th 2019

In Arizona gibt es ja wie in den restlichen USA viel Werbung für höhere und teure Bildung. Da freue ich mich immer wieder, dass ich einen kostenlosen Universitätsabschluss in Deutschland habe. Gestern habe ich nach dem Frühstück den Grand Canyon besichtigt. Dabei war ich zuerst am Besucherzentrum und bin dort zu einem Aussichtspunkt. Da es noch relativ früh war, war auf der gesamten Fahrt am Canyon entlang nicht so viel los. Ich habe an einer ganzen Reihe von Stellen angehalten und Fotos gemacht. Am Desert View Point hat die Straße eine Biegung vom Canyon weg gemacht und ich bin wieder Richtung Lodge umgekehrt. Später habe ich dann noch im Restaurant eine Southwest Bowl gegessen. In Phoenix hatte ich ja schon eine Burrito Bowl. Vielleicht ist das ein Nationalgericht in Arizona. Am gesamten gestrigen Tag hatte ich ... read more
Der Grand Canyon.
Der Grand Canyon.
Am Desert View Point.

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon June 11th 2019

Gestern Vormittag habe ich nach dem Frühstück Phoenix verlassen und bin nach Norden gefahren. Dabei war es zunächst noch wüstenartig und bergig, bevor vor Flagstaff wieder Wälder auftauchten. In der Stadt habe ich geparkt, bin etwas herum gelaufen und habe einen Eiskaffee getrunken. Hier führt auch die Route 66 hindurch. Danach bin ich auf kleineren Straßen zu meinem Ziel, dem Grand Canyon Village gefahren. Dort habe ich in meinem Lodge (kein Hotel) eingecheckt und einen Elch-Burger gegessen. Man hat mir auch schon gesagt, dass das Internet hier schlecht ist, und deswegen habe ich auch weder die Tageschau noch die letzte Folge der Sky-Serie "Chernobyl" sehen, noch meinen tägliche Travelblog hochladen können. In meinem Zimmer gibt es auch keine Klimaanlage, sondern nur einen Ventilator an der Decke. Aber zum Glück hat es tagsüber nicht mehr als 30 ... read more
In Flagstaff.
Bei Flagstaff hat sich die Vegetation geändert.
Bei Flagstaff hat sich die Vegetation geändert.

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 31st 2018

I came from Fredonia, Arizona on US 89A and quickly turned South on the paved road that was BLM on FS 22. After about 20 miles of the BLM paved road the North Kaibab FS 22 turned into a scenic dirt road with small canyons with trees. Forest Service 22 is usually well maintained all the way from Fredonia to the paved AZ Hwy 67. Driving up and around on this good dirt road was half the fun. I passed the FS outpost of Big Springs where I think they rent out secluded cabins. I turned South on FS 425 for about twenty miles on a fair dirt road to FS 292. (FS 425 turns East on a beautiful route, but is a serious four wheel drive.) I had a serious one lane uphill for about ... read more
FS 22
FS 22
FS 22

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 22nd 2017

Blog 10-22-17 The Grand Canyon We worked hard at staying warm this morning with the electric and the propane heaters running, the temperature was 27 degrees outside and 50 inside. There was no anticipating this cold snap, it had been 78 in Flagstaff yesterday, who would think we would have such a change in the weather. There were too many artificial lights to see any meteors besides I couldn't stay out long anyway. The sun did warm the air up quickly and by 9 am it was 50 degrees. Watson was bright eyed this morning and wanted to go for his walk but it had to be a slow, short walk because he needs to rest his leg. He did limp on it this morning and the pain pills make him sleepy so he can get ... read more
one of the observation areas. That is smoke in the background from a prescribed fire.

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 21st 2017

blog 10-21-17 Page, AZ to the Grand Canyon, AZ by way of Flagstaff Today was one for the books. It started by getting up at 6:15 am to get out of the campground and to the lube place to get the oil changed in the motorhome. It was just a little over 3000 miles since last done and this was a perfect opportunity to get it done because we were leaving Page to go to the Grand Canyon and we knew there wouldn't be a shop there. We had checked out the shop before going and knew they opened at 8 so we wanted to be there early. It was 7:58 when Ginnie pulled into the driveway and I was driving the car and close behind. The attendent motioned for Ginnie to pull into the bay ... read more
they stretch for miles
heading south on 89, really neat rock outcroppings

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon June 10th 2017

Today was our first rest day. We packed up and headed off before anyone turned up at the office so accommodation last night was free. Our destination today was the Grand Canyon. We had to drive about 200kms to get there but was it worth it!It's hard to put into words the scale of what you are looking at. It even takes you eyes time to adjust to the images you are seeing. From south rim to north rim of the canyon is 10 miles and it's a mile deep. And all of this was created by the Colorado River. The visitor centres were great and provided heaps of information on how the canyon was formed. For instance snow melt that would fall into cracks during the day and then refreeze overnight would help slit the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 27th 2016

I guess the Grand Canyon is so well known, published about, photographed and so forth, that I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I took my first peek over and from the south rim of the Canyon itself to find that on this occasion, my expectations were fulfilled, and neither exceeded nor disappointed. Yes, I know, I am a very difficult customer to please. Don't get me wrong, it is spectacular, overwhelming almost in its vastness, and certainly a feast for the eyes. I think I just expected it to be bigger and grander than everything I had hitherto been led to believe it would be. It was a one day drive from the campground we stayed in the night after we left Death Valley. That drive took us through Las Vegas itself ... read more
City in a desert, Las Vegas through windscreen
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam wall, just outside of Vegas and en route to Grand Canyon

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