Day Eight...

Published: June 29th 2015
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...brought us to another RV park (this one's a resort-oooooh) with the token tree here and there for "shade." We're in one of the spots near a tree. Trees are great and provide relief from the sun and heat unless the temperatures begin with a 1 and have three digits. It'll be nice when we get somewhere that feels more like what we're used to. It should happen on the next leg. It'll also make the A/C feel more effective.

We're definitely in cactus country now. They're everywhere and not just in landscapes. As we were driving we spotted herds of them in their natural habitat on the acres of dry land along the freeways. As we came into large cities, we saw several domesticated varieties adorning the entrances to shopping centers, at major intersections, and in the not-so-wasted space at freeway exits and entrances.

While Mike was checking us in, I watched a roadrunner cross the park resort entrance in front of the truck. I looked around for a wily coyote, but saw nothing; not even a discarded Acme shipping container. The roadrunner must not have been the roadrunner. The lack of a meep-meep and tongue darting in and out should have been another clue to the banality of this one.

The exciting activity for today is grocery shopping and laundry! I could have stayed home and done that. We also stopped at an auto parts store and picked up a can of A/C recharging stuff (that's what all the mechanics are calling it these days). We noticed the air in the truck isn't as cool as it used to be. Should be good as new tomorrow.

Okay, enough of the boring, mundane, rambling commentary. I now return you to your life, already in progress.


29th June 2015

Enjoyed all the pictures. What beautiful colors. You talking about the roadrunner was funny as I was talking about the cartoon at church yesterday and my mispronunciation of "ACME". I used to pronounce it ACEM. Your door reminded me (not nicely) of our trailer at Westport. Hang on to that door!!! Drive safe. Love to you.

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