DENVER 2013!

Published: June 18th 2013
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Canyon De Chelly
We are off and on our first RV road trip with the family and dogs! We are taking a road trip to Denver and staying there for six weeks! We packed everything up and headed out of Phoenix around 9:30AM. Everything was running smoothly in the RV until we got to the hills before Flagstaff. We lost power and had to pull over. After thirty minutes, we finally got the RV to start up again. We thought it had overheated. We decided to take the Ford Edge off the back of the tow dolly and have me drive it up the mountains. We made it up the mountain and pulled over off of Walnut Creek Road to put the car back on the tow dolly. Once we got everything loaded and were ready to go, the RV died again. Chris called his Uncle Doug, who was THANKFULLY in Flagstaff, to come help us out. It turned out there was a wire coil that was burned out. We followed him to an auto store and he replaced it. It would have taken days for an RV shop to have fixed that. It only took Doug about an hour. We LOVE Doug right
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Canyon De Chelly Campground
now!! Finally got back on the road at 4PM. The drive was boring, a little pretty, but flat and everything looked the same! We made it to Canyon De Chelly around 8PM. We stayed at Spider Rock RV Park. Way out in the middle of nowhere. A Native American named Howard ran the small park. We BBQ’d brawts, hotdogs and baked beans. We sat outside with the kids and dogs and star gazed for a while. Taylor spotted a moving satellite, which was pretty cool. We were so tired we headed to bed pretty early.

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Canyon De Chelly
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Canyon De Chelly - Taylor
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6-15-13 005

Canyon De Chelly - Taylor
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6-15-13 007

Lexi - Co-Captain
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6-15-13 012

Gus - Captain
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6-15-13 015

Poor Maddie - doesn't like car rides :(

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