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Canyon de Chelly Am Weg von Page nach Albuquerque hab ich beim Canyon de Chelly vorbeigeschaut.... read more
Canyon de Chelly
Canyon de Chelly
Canyon de Chelly

Greetings from a grotty little town in the middle of nowhere. Apparently there's a nice canyon out there somewhere, but the wind has whipped up every bit of sand in the desert so the canyon has vanished. Perfect opportunity to relax in my posh hotel and finally update my blog. Day 1 Flying over Canada, giant icebergs as far as the eye can see. Awesome sight. Bit high up to see any polar bears though. Day 2 Elrod Rabbit Baylee, aka Meat Loaf, putting on a Vegas show. Complete with juggler, fire eater, tap dancers, chippendale and 2 clowns who got shouted at by Mr Loaf for being scary. Day 3, 4 Las Vegas. Take the tackiest bits of most major cities and stuff it all into 1 long street in the middle of nowhere in ... read more

We slept pretty good last night. We got up and showered and were ready to go around 10AM. The girls wanted to take a look at the small gift shop at the RV Park before we left. It was a 10x10 room with sand floors. The girls each got an Indian bracelet. We packed up and headed out. We stopped along the way to look at the canyons, they were pretty spectacular. In one of them, you could see Indian ruins. The last canyon we looked at had a few houses at the bottom and people riding horses. We next stopped at the Four Corners, which was about 30 miles out of our way, but worth it. The girls really wanted to see it. A bunch of bikers were there and offered to take our family ... read more
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We are off and on our first RV road trip with the family and dogs! We are taking a road trip to Denver and staying there for six weeks! We packed everything up and headed out of Phoenix around 9:30AM. Everything was running smoothly in the RV until we got to the hills before Flagstaff. We lost power and had to pull over. After thirty minutes, we finally got the RV to start up again. We thought it had overheated. We decided to take the Ford Edge off the back of the tow dolly and have me drive it up the mountains. We made it up the mountain and pulled over off of Walnut Creek Road to put the car back on the tow dolly. Once we got everything loaded and were ready to go, the ... read more
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Valerie and I have tried to figure out why our parents never traveled up this way to see these parks. They traveled for a year all over the USA in Rosie I, but seemly missed this area of the country. It is really sad as Dad, with his interest in archeology, would have thoroughly enjoyed them. The only thing we can come up with is that it isn’t on the west-east route to El Paso, Salt Lake, or Flagstaff, which were the routes we usually traveled as kids to see family, and I believe they traveled after we were raised. Friday, May 4th Canyon de Chelly campground. Starting mileage was 24830 with blue sky and 77 degrees at 1:30 when we began our exploration of the South rim of the park. The park consists of several ... read more
512-28 The White  House ruins
512-29 Canyon floor near White House
512-30 Small herd of goats and sheep

at Canyon de Chelley in Chinle Arizona!... read more
The Vehicle
Spider Rock
Looking down the canyon

Many areas of the southwest show artifacts from layers of history. Ancient Pueblo ruins, old Spanish buildings, Victorian houses, and much else populate the area. Northeast Arizona unusually shows multiple layers of Native American history, first of the Ancient Pueloans and then from the Navajo. The Navajo are relatively recent arrivals, having migrated from the northeast in the 1500s. Very few spots on the reservation are as crucial to both groups as Canyon De Chelly, where I’m going today. Canyon de Chelly Visitors have two main options for seeing the canyon. They can drive roads along the rim and stare down from multiple overlooks. While the views are dramatic, they are all at a distanc... read more
Canyon de Chelly
Refuge mesa
Antelope House Ruin

The remnants of the Cliff Dwellers pepper the landscape as we move through Arizona. It is October and we experience a different kind of Fall. Canyon de Chelly (Canyon de Sha') in the Navajo Reservation is a place Tom has wanted to see since he was a little boy. So we camped on the reservation for a couple of days. We were fortunate to hike through some of the ruins and encounter Navajo's who dated back to 1400 AD. In fact they had the same surname as the artist that did the petroglyphs on the walls of the cliff dwellers. From there we drove to the Thousand Trails Campground "Verde Valley" near Sedona, AZ. Met up with friends Janet & Bob, Bea and Rod, and Sandy, Bruce and "Taggert," their Golden Retreiver. Happy Hours and Pickleball. ... read more
Canyon de chelly
Petroglyphs, Sinagua Indians
Red Rock Cathedral

We headed South from Bryce Canyon, passing through Kanab for the third time. One of the great things about this trip is that we have almost never gone back over the same road, but this time it was necessary. We drove on into Arizona, heading east. We passed the Glen Canyon dam (surprisingly narrow, impressively deep) and into the Navajo reservation. The Navajo Nation encompasses a large part of the Northeastern corner of Arizona. I think all of us were impressed with the sense of community on the reservation, and with the way the Navajos have decided to live. They have not built casinos like so many of the native people, and do not permit sales of alcohol on the reservation. Certainly the people are not wealthy, but they do seem to truly identify with their ... read more
Our guide, Emerson
The boys on the canyon floor

(day 2) Last night we stayed in Chinle, AZ. As far as we could tell, there's nothing fantastic about the town, but lurking shortly outside of the town limits is a spectacular place neither mom nor I had anticipated. I'm talking about Canyon de Chelly National Monument! This gem of a beauty happens to be FREE to visit at all times of the year. FREE!! However, to enter into the canyon, you have to pay for a guide who is a local Navajo. Since visiting the canyon wasn't even originally a part of our trip, we couldn't go to the bottom of the canyon due to lack of permits. But, viewing the canyon atop the perches on the rim was just as wonderful! Unlike other National Parks, Canyon de Chelly doesn't have an actual entrance like ... read more
Ledge Ruin Overlook
Antelope House Ruins
Canyon de Chelly

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