Navajo Land

Published: November 19th 2009
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Anasazi RuinsAnasazi RuinsAnasazi Ruins

Canyon de chelly
The remnants of the Cliff Dwellers pepper the landscape as we move through Arizona. It is October and we experience a different kind of Fall. Canyon de Chelly (Canyon de Sha') in the Navajo Reservation is a place Tom has wanted to see since he was a little boy. So we camped on the reservation for a couple of days. We were fortunate to hike through some of the ruins and encounter Navajo's who dated back to 1400 AD. In fact they had the same surname as the artist that did the petroglyphs on the walls of the cliff dwellers.

From there we drove to the Thousand Trails Campground "Verde Valley" near Sedona, AZ. Met up with friends Janet & Bob, Bea and Rod, and Sandy, Bruce and "Taggert," their Golden Retreiver. Happy Hours and Pickleball. YES! One day Bea and I went to a quilting show. The guys and us found time to go to a winery too. Then, a girls day out shopping with friend Sandy and her friend Bev who flew in from Pennsylvania. Tom hung out with Sandy's husband Bruce. I don't know how they managed without us around to nag them!

The red rock
Canyon de chellyCanyon de chellyCanyon de chelly

Cliff drops off 5' behind us. Yikes!
of Sedona still holds a spiritual bond to the Navajo people . We visited Monetuzma's Castle and Well. Mis-named because he was never there. None the less, the dwellings were spectacular.
We have now moved south of Phoenix for Tom to have some dental work done. Then, back to the Sedona area to get a clean bill of health for him from the cardiologist. See, life on the road is not just party, party, party! (Prayers to my sister whose husband died suddenly Oct 25th. I flew back to Florida last week for some quiet sister-time.) Double-click pictures to enlarge.

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Petroglyphs, Sinagua IndiansPetroglyphs, Sinagua Indians
Petroglyphs, Sinagua Indians

Etched to mark the hunting-farming calendar
Montezuma's CastleMontezuma's Castle
Montezuma's Castle

Sinagua indians abandoned in 1400s

21st November 2009

Simply beautiful.

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