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July 29th 2012
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Hooray, we have now arrived and set foot in Alaska. We even gained an hours sleep this morning as we moved our clocks back an hour.

Ok we were warned and it's true. It rains in Alaska, and virtually 360 of 365 days in Ketchikan we were told. Today was one of those days. 55 degrees, overcast and rainy. But we're prepared with our rain jackets so all is well.

Had great thougths of hitting the gym this morning, but alas I rationalized by saying we'll be doing a lot of walking for our exercise. Well Susan did a lot of walking, to shops, while I found as many chairs and benches as I could.

Saw leaping porpoises last night at dinner, in the ocean of course, not on our plates! Also learned that we are having Karaoke tonight so I hope to participate. Apparently,the ship has a Karaoke contest, and a talent show so hope to participate in both. They are some great bands on board to serve a backup and I have my Karaoke dics as well. Larry, wish you were here. You'd love it!

So the ship docked at 8 am, we had breakfast and were off about 9:30. My mission was to find free internet while Susan looked at Jewelry. I found the free internet (hence my blogging now) while Susan is off shopping. Ketchikan is built right on the coast at water edge and the hill side. Other cruise ships from Carnival and Celebrity are here as well. Makes the little town a little crowded. We choose not to do excursions, and glad we didn't in the rain. I guess that makes us Alaska wimps!

I'm looking forward to getting back on the ship (for high tea) and Karaoke tonight so I'll tell you how the evening went in our blog for tomorrow, which will probably be published on Tuesday in Juneau.

We just connected with friends Katherie and Chuck from Sun City Grand, but live in Juneau, and they will give us a grand Juneau tour Tuesday. Patti and Paul, our Seattle friends who hosted us last week, are also from Sun City Grand. What a great trip to be able to visit friends!

These pictures are from Ketchikan. More later..

Bob and Susan

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30th July 2012

Wish we were there!!
Okay, so this the best travel log we have ever read! You guys are amazing; so much detail!! How do you have time to experience your vacation with such wonderful & long blogs!!??? We just drive 6 hrs to Irvine, schlepted one lg suitcase, one sml suitcase, one elec cooler, 2 paper bags filled with snacks, one c-pap machine, one laptop, one man bag, one straw basket filled with other stuff & one duffle bag filled with shoes. After schleping all that stuff up & down a hotel, a two story house & then another two story house we are ready for a one stop cruise to anywhere. Miss you guys & do excited to be sharing in your wonderful trip. Larry is SO jealous that he can't be there for karaoke. Let us know how you do. Hugs & love
30th July 2012 could that be?
Hi Susan and Bob, Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time. So glad to hear that Chuck and Kathryn are going to show you around Juneau. It will make for a special time. Please say hi for us and tell them we send greetings. LOVE reading your blog. We both look forward to it each day:) Paul and Patti

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