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July 3rd 2007
Published: July 3rd 2007
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007 This morning we headed west out of Jasper toward Prince George on the Yellowhead Highway. Prince George is about half-way to Prince Rupert. The day was cloudy, but the scenery was great. The Rocky Mountains lined both sides of the road. We left Alberta behind and entered British Columbia. We stopped at Mt. Robson, the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. You can get a good view from the parking lot, which is right off the highway. The peak was in the clouds, not unusual they say.
The time changed (we lost an hour) and so did the landscape. We left the rugged, snow capped mountains behind. Farmland and livestock stretched out on both sides of the road with lower, tree covered mountains in the background. Gradually the mountains were gone and spruce forests lined the road. We did see a bear on the side of the highway. (You know there is something to see when cars are stopped on the side of the road; only one time Frank slowed down for a stopped car and we were trying to see what was going on. It turned out the guy was relieving himself!)
There were few towns or even gas stations on the route. I guess Canadians in these parts live in town, you don’t even see houses.
We got to Prince George around 1:30. It’s a good sized town with over 80,000 people. and it’s has things like Wal-Mart (but not a super Wal-Mart) and a mall. We checked out the mall after dinner and barely made it to the bookstore because the entire mall closed at 6:00 pm!
So we checked into the campsite and spent a couple hours doing laundry. It was a bargain compared to Jasper--- $3 to wash and dry a load (we had 6 loads). We also got WiFi. Frank didn’t understand why I couldn’t do laundry, go shopping, do a little cleaning and catch up on the internet business tonight. He finally saw the light and we signed up for nights.
Tomorrow will be a catch up day, no traveling.


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