I made it to Alaska! I never thought I would.

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May 21st 2016
Published: May 21st 2016
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We have some friends who very well travelled across the globe. They are incredibly boring to listen to. Dull. Plus+++. I am concerned about falling into this category. Droning on. Hmmm.

We are sharing a wee glass of sav. blanc from Sonora Ca., as we sit on our verandah. The ship, Mutanuska, is floating up the river in front of us. It is said to have 499 people on the manifest. We are boarding a vessel tomorrow that holds 76 passenger plus crew. Hmm. WHAT HAVE I DONE? But then, Kel survived on a boat with a number range of people from 3 to 8 over eight weeks so naff him. He'll just have to adapt. Tough bickies, Kel! Suck it up, Princess! (Demonic laugh haunts the air suddenly. Good times!)

We have come via Seattle, Washington. Sea-Tac is noisy. Heaven help us! PLEASE!!!!! People. Noise. Everywhere. Lots of noise. For us, 3 hours worth of it. Complete with three buskers who, thank the Lord were good, because there was no respite if that were dreadful. Between Hudson's and Starbucks there was comfort in familiarity. There were lots of chances to be comfortable and familiar with them at every turning, but not quiet. We hid in a wee backwater at gate C17 until we had to emerge to get our plane to Ketchican.

This was the first fight that I can remember where 3/4 the passengers were asked to stay onboard. Actually , it was the first time any passengers were asked to stay on board. It was going on to Siska, Juneau and Anchorage. A real shuttle service. My naïveté was shining through, wasn't it? Apparently the air crew change over here but the passenger activity is a minor inconvenience. Has that been your experience Ben S?

Kel is lamenting the absence of tax in costings. Ever the accountant. Ferry prices, tourist activities etc. A positive quagmire before tipping. Aargh!!!! Having said that, we are sampling a delightful range of beers across our travels so far. I am unsure how that connects but who cares? Another cross cultural mystery.

Tonight I had a most surprising meal. The best on this trip thus far. King salmon, strawberries, rice, sparrow grass and sabayon. Yum plus! With sports education. The Toronto Blus Jays are in the MBL play offs against TB team. If you happen to be in Malone's Vancouver during the actual game and wearing the jersey, you can get 15%!o(MISSING)f your food tab. Just so you know. I had the opportunity to ask Kevin in Ketchican Edgewater Inn all about all that stuff. It was very informative. Kel was a tad mortified but I found it very informative.

I actually think blokes don't care. They can float along ignorant of any facts when it comes to sport. Just sound like you know and know one care. Semantics don't matter. Ra! Ra! I cannot do this. It is illogical. I want to know why. I ask relevant questions, Kel thinks "Who cares?" Dope! (Me or him or both.)

It is 10pm here now. The sun is going to bed and so must I. Kel has crashed with gentle snoring wafting across the room. The really weird thing is that I am about to sleep beneath a patchwork quilt for the first time I my life. I have made them before, many times, but never used one for the purpose they were intended.

Holidays. New experiences. That's what it is all about.

I am unsure whether I go dark from tomorrow until we get off the boat. If there is a wee hiatus, so it is. Chat anon.

Goodnight all.


M and K


21st May 2016

Enjoy the salmon, and the beer!
It sounds like a good beginning to the trip, keep the news coming :)

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