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May 29th 2016
Published: May 29th 2016
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I did this one while out of range. Old news, it is. After one week, Kel only had a couple of hundred emails. Lucky!
"We arrived in Ketchikan yesterday in the same kind of weather that we left. Sunshine. A bit chilly of an evening and in the morning. Beautiful days. However, they are a tad longer here. Sun rises here at 4.30 am and sets at 10 pm. You cannot have everything. The locals here are saying it is too warm for them. Anything above 70 Fahrenheit and they are all melting, sleeping on decks and verandahs hoping their insects do not carry them away.
The Alaskan people we have met thus far are great. Really friendly. On arrival at the ferry wharf at Ketchikan, and without being asked, a lady from an opposite hotel rang to the place we were booked into so they would come to collect us, which they promptly did. If ever you find yourself in Ketchikan, stay at the Edgewater. It was delicious food and educational. I now have a far better understanding of northern American sports, thanks to the bar tender called Kevin. The cosmosphere is delighted I am sure. We have enjoyed a cross section of different beers from red to white to Pilsner. A couple of them came with an orange slice garnish.
The next day, a chap called Josh gave us a lift into town. He said that had to leave Juneau because it took him longer than 10 minutes to get everywhere and that was too big a town for him. It was too spread out. Hmm. Victoria Road. Hmm. Penrith. Hmm.
The Norwegian Sun cruise liner was in Ketchikan yesterday and it sure blighted the landscape. The day before there were two such floating suburbs. The locals at the Edgewater Marina, said that they can get up to 18 000 extra people in town during peak season when four cruise ships are in together. The locals dodge town on those days and I would too. Pesky tourists!
We started our boating adventure with a fascinating talk at the mustering spot. It was give by tribal elder from the Tlingkit tribe about the local indigenous people's cultural. It is a matriarchal orientated system of balance between the moieties of Eagle and Raven. The aunts and uncles name and raise their female and male progeny respectively once the children hit the age of two. Very, very different. I am sure my nieces and nephews are all breathing a sigh of relief that they aren't Alaskan native born.
The Un-Cruise organisation gave us all the chance to wear a Mae West for our safety orientation. They are a bit more block like in design than those in the WW2. Tangerine is not my colour. I did wear it for sport throughout my primary school years. Eew. What an elegant fashion accessory they are! Mind you, the water is so Bally cold here that it would be a very short reprieve before freezing to death, but minutes is potential I suppose. (We have a regular PFD's for our water activities, thank heavens.)
What will be interesting is whether the physical activities can keep our holiday trend of gaining a bit of weight at bay, especially when you consider the lovely and large meals on offer.
Only time will tell.
Cheers."Time will tell.


29th May 2016

Glad to hear from you
Sounds like you are having a good time. We miss you down under! Met the new priest today. Jovialish guy. Happy for a "reverent" pause but don't need to time it. Anniversary names seem to have gone. No Kyrie Homily shorter but not as good as FP. Hope you are home soon!
29th May 2016

Ooh. Thanks for the news!
Jovial priest? The Little G committee meeting will be interesting. Yes! No stupid thirty seconds. I drift off topic after seven seconds. They are never the D and M things that Nadia thinks they are. Hmm.

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