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May 19th 2016
Published: May 19th 2016
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I am embarrassed to admit how long it has taken me to work out how to do this blog thing. I hope to remember next time and save much angst and gnashing of teeth. This is the second time I have typed something similar as I did not realise I had to save it. Oops! What a goose!

I purchased a camera, thank you Wendy for doing the leg work for me, but could not drive the #%^]{¥€% thing until this morning. Memo to self. Read the instruction before using. Once again the refrain of "What an idiot!" resonates. (Yes. I know it in written on the instructions. As I have want to say myself......."The plans have been on Alpha Centauri for the last 20 000 years and you haven't bothered to read it?" We have so much to learn from 'Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy' don't you think?

Our Vietnam experience taught up many things. Too numerous to mention. eg. Communist countries require visas, Da Nang is not a wee drive from Ho Chi Minh City, with each airplane that you get on the body odour of your fellow travellers gets more intense.

Frances, very kindly, dropped us at Meadowbank station on Tuesday morning and we drifted off to the airport. With no visa to acquire, we had much time to enjoy the delights of the shopping experience that is Sydney airport. Now Kel wants a drone. "It would be soooo good to see what our roof looks like, don't you think?"

Vancouver is a very charming city. Very pretty. Very calm. At 0830, after a 14.20 hour flight, peak hour is a walk in the park compared to Sydney! The weather is comparable and in fact delightful. Many have said how mild it has been lately, quite resonating the sentiments of Sydney siders of late. Mind you, seeing snow covered mountains as a back drop seems a bit weird to me.

Today we 'flew over Canada'. They have this tourist attraction at Canada Place which is similar to a ride at Luna Park, but I can't remember what it was called. Fly Over Canada' is really cool. You were strapped into one of a bank of seats and then taken on a visual helicopter-like flight over their snow country, pine forests and Niagara Falls complete with physical spray mists and fir tree smells, as well as city scapes, but thankfully without the exhaust fumes. 25 minutes seemed to take 5, so that proves it was good. It was certainly amazing to go the immense distance with very little effort or environmental impact required. It sounds really good to cover all those kilometres in such a short time. The Greenies are ecstatic, I am sure. Go team!

What will we do tomorrow? It is a mystery. Perhaps I can work out how to attach photos to this text. More sleep required to fathom such IT challenges.

One thing is for sure. Sleep beckons.

Goodnight all.

M and K.


20th May 2016

Glad you joined the club!
Hi Margaret & Kel I woke up on another hot steamy morning in Dili and found your blog, which I had to open outside my room, since there is no connection inside,( only to be attacked by mosquitoes, since I had not bothered to spray the Bushmans so early in the morning, you know who I'll blame if I end up with Dengue...), as I certainly could not wait! It did not disappoint, but now I am left waiting for the next instalment! Keep it coming girl!
29th May 2016

Hi Maria
Your photos on FB look great. I haven't worked out how to photo blog yet. Please dodge the Dengue. We want you home safe and sound. Take care.
29th May 2016

Hi Maria
Your photos on FB look great. I haven't worked out how to photo blog yet. Please dodge the Dengue. We want you home safe and sound. Take care.
21st May 2016

Well done you
Hey Margaret I didn't even get a blog started. And we used iPhones for our photos when we were in New York. So you are well ahead of me. Vancouver is one of my favourite cities. So cool to have water and snow in one shot. Victoria the capital of BC on the island is really nice as are the buchard gardens. Enjoy. Rita.
29th May 2016

Vancouver is a great spot.
I totally agree. Things are a bit blurry because of the jet lag but that's all part of the fun. Hope you are all well. Cheers
28th May 2016

You made it!
Hey there, great to see that you are conquering the blogosphere! I have only just managed to read your blog as I am catching up on emails. I am very envious of your holiday....:-)
29th May 2016

Hey Cettina
Catching up on emails sounds grim. I hope work has settled for you. Cheers

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