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May 29th 2016
Published: May 29th 2016
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We have done so many things in the last week that I hardly know where to begin. Chronology may be one suggestion but that is too logical. By activity? Hmm. Again too logical. By awesomeness? Not possible. I'll just list things as they occur to me instead. Time and days have lost all meaning as I am now very rested and fully in holiday mode.

• The Polar Plunge. I had a very air-head moment the other day. The water temperature around glaciers is about 16 degrees. That's not too cold, my wee brain thought. The water at the sailing club is that in September when I have held the boat before a race. Hmm. That's not in Fahrenheit is it? Silly Margaret! Kel can tell you the difference because yesterday he jumped from the second level of the boat into it. Yes, Folks! He did the Polar Plunge, along with a few other crazy people. But don't you worry yourselves. He wore his rashie to be SunSmart. Oh. He didn't drown either, in case you were concerned.
• Glacial ice is very nice in your Cointreau. It does not thaw as quickly as man made ice and is truly clear. It is sharp if you are planning on breaking a bit off. The water in front of a glacier in which the ice floats sounds like a cubes clinking without the container to restrict it. It is quite a soothing sound.
• I dislike sawdust covered floors in pubs, no matter how famous they are. We went into the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau today and we each enjoyed an Alaskan Amber. Traditionally, apparently the drink should have been a Duck's Fart for the full experience but drinking a glass that is 1/3 Crown Royale 1/3 Kahlua and 1/3 Baileys at that time of day was not going to happen. The sun was definitely not over the yard arm then.
• Whales are big things. We have had so much luck on this trip it is quite incredible. They performed on demand almost and I have taken photos without my glasses and they are not just expanses of water. Did you know that the underside of a humpback whale's tail is like its fingerprint and that is how they track them. They actually keep records of them and you send photos to some central register so they can do so. I never knew that.
• I have never changed clothes, or had to make so many decisions regarding choice, as often as I have on this trip. Thermals:- top half - Short or long sleeve? On or off. Add Long Johns perhaps? Headwear:- no hat, baseball hat, ear warmer, beanie, ski hat hybrid brim&neck flap, with string or without? Every layer had choices and none of them were fashion related.but if i was warm I has a great time.
• There are many jigsaw puzzles in our world and so many techniques. I love watching people do these things. One lady came and lined up the remaining ninety or so pieces of a nasty 750 piece in columns of threes. They next person moved them all around and grouped them by colour when it was her turn. People are funny things, aren't they?
• Doll porpoises are black and white,They look like speeding orcas. Smaller. And faster.
• We saw the Dawes Glacier calve several time and we almost surfed the wave out of there in the rubber ducky. It was amazing. Awesome. Loud. Then a sub-berg rose up from underneath.
• Blogs should never be over 585 words.


30th May 2016

mmmm did you write this under the influence of a duck's fart?
Hey Margaret, where did the jigsaw puzzles come from? Are you doing these on the cruise? Farting ducks do not sound appealing no matter how much alcohol is in them. Do I sound coherent? not really, too many early mornings writing legal studies lessons. Am exhausted, please have a duck's fart for me and tell me what it is like! I can live vicariously by your experiences.......love to you both.
30th May 2016

They are boat residents.
The puzzles are on the boat as there are people like me who have addiction issues. The one selected was not well looked after which frustrates me no end. Aargh. A Duck's Fart will never be my thing. Cointreau with glacial ice, however, is magic. See you soon.
30th May 2016

Cointreau on ice
Well done t Kel ,for the courage it must have taken for the plunge! It makes me shiver just thinking about it... And now you awoke my desire for a Cointreau with glacial ice....
30th May 2016

Courage and crazy are interchangeable
Hi Maria. The glacial ice doesn't melt as fast so it keeps it colder an it is so clear that you can read through it. I highly recommend it but the Polar Plunge. I go option B. Crazy! See you soon.

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