A beautiful Alaskan afternoon.

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May 31st 2016
Published: May 31st 2016
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We are sitting here looking out our window at a blue sky over the mountains with a hint of snow still on their peaks. There is a slight wind but, as we are inside, it is irrelevant.

A Face Book friend reassured me that it is cold in Sydney at present. Winter has arrived At last, she said. Hmm. How rude, I am not sure I am acclimated for that. The computer/thermostat says "No!". (Please. Someone. Is it acclimatised or acclimated? I think the former, others the latter.) The weather today is defined as 9 to 19 degrees in Anchorage and apparently Sydney is 11 to 17 degrees. It is certainly a 'different' cold. Wind chill here can be a bit grim but not from where we are sitting.

Before setting off for a tourist activity along the Seward Highway this morning, I realised that I had left my handbag, with passport safely in side pocket, downstairs in the hotel yesterday. Dopey me! All the emotions you are experiencing is nothing compared to what I went through. To cut the story short, it was found thanks to Kel's diligence. I was in the process of filling in an online form at the same time but did not have to finish it due to its reappearance. I have kicked myself from there and back as is appropriate and then some. Aargh!!!!!! Once again, "Silly Margaret!".

Our outing along the Seward Highway today took us to the Alyeska Snowfield and up the tramway there. The ski resort lays claim to North America's longest double black run. That is something I will never experience first hand. I want to live much longer than throwing myself off such a cliff would allow for, thank you very much. Great panoramas to be taken, corny photos with snow and standing bears taken and even a photo of a moose in the wild. Now I have achieved all my Alaskan wildlife objectives. It can only get better from here.

And here it is. After returning to our tourist vehicle, there was a momma black bear on a path which had her cubs in tow. Another exciting photo opportunity presented itself and was taken advantage of. Many bald eagles and ravens were encountered along the way. I am sure the Tlingkit people are feeling very balanced. All we missed were the Turnagain/Cook Inlet Beluga Whales to make a freak appearance but, as they are on the endangered list, that was always less than likely.

At 9.30 pm, the pleasant evening continues here. With sunrise around 4.30 am and sunset approximately 10.30 pm, Sydney time will be seem very foreign.

With a wee drink of white wine I hand, I bid you all a goodnight.



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