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North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau August 26th 2015

Hello from Juneau Alaska – state capital of largest state in the nation. By contrast, Juneau itself is comparatively small with only about 32,000 residents. But I’m getting ahead of the story. The ship arrived in port about 7:00 and we did not have to be ashore until 8:30, so we had agreed to meet the Sieberts for breakfast at 7:30. There were quite a few other people doing the same thing so it was fairly crowded in the Horizon Court. After last night you might think that we couldn’t eat much today, but we did a commendable job being able to select as much of anything we wanted from the buffet. Certainly we did not leave the ship hungry. We found our bus and the driver (Levi) drove us through town first. We saw the ... read more
2 Humback Whales
One Humback Whale
David & Janet

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau June 24th 2015

When we considered traveling without a vehicle in the Inside Passage, we envisioned using Juneau as the frequent hub to most other ports, spending a few days at a time in this main city. After our experience with ferry location and taxis in Ketchikan, we anticipated that Juneau could be just as badly situated for independent travelers on foot. We weren’t disappointed. The ferry terminal, like many in Alaska, is not conveniently located near the town center. It is in Auke (“Ahk”) Bay, two miles from the last city bus stop and over 7 miles from downtown. There is reportedly town camping, which usually translates to tent sites pitched next to each other on a gravel field, with lots of noise and local drive by traffic, about a mile away from the terminal but we never ... read more
Bald Eagle outside Juneau terminal
Bill Harris and his kayak with Terry
Home Sweet Home

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau June 8th 2015

Our second morning at sea found us rising to see better weather than we’d experienced on our leisurely sea day. We could see blue skies out our window and we’d gained an extra hour overnight. I managed to finish the blog without losing any sleep and am well rested for today’s whale watching excursion. Over the loudspeaker the captain announced that the temperature was a balmy 58 degrees Fahrenheit and today’s forecast now had improved from his announcement yesterday of rain. It looks to be a fine day for whale watching. I finished yesterday’s blog entry and joined Sharon at mass. It was a small turnout and Father Peter asked those in the back to come forward. Today’s mass was very fast, even faster than the “Father Chuck” masses tells me of for her former priest ... read more
Westerdam docked in Juneau
Scientific Experiment on our Whale Watch
Whale Tale

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau August 5th 2014

Today is whale day and what a day it was. We docked in Juneau to beautiful weather and headed out to see whales. As we got off the bus and boarded the boat we saw 3 adult and 2 juvenile bald eagles fishing from the beach and the day just got better. This outfit really knows where the whales hang out and Captain Larry headed right there. Ross and Kelly were our narrator/guides and both we enthused about whales. Kelly was almost more excited to see them than we were. She told us to watch the sea gulls that were circling and when they dove into the water we WOULD SEE WHALES. And we did. She explained that these were bubble feeder whales and each member of the pod has it's job. They find a school ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 27th 2014

"The mountain are calling and I must go." - John Muir A little over two weeks ago, I couldn't stop staring at my coffee mug with the above John Muir quote on it. It was true -- the mountains had been calling for a long time and about two weeks ago, I finally got to see them again. On Saturday July 12th, I hopped on a plane out of Chicago and flew to Seattle to meet up with my mom and two older sisters. I hadn't seen my family since Christmas and was so excited to start my July vacation by spending some time with them. Due to plane delays, I arrived shortly after my sister who was flying in from Sacramento and was greeted by my family at baggage claim. From there, we hit the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 7th 2014

Mendenhall Glacier was awe inspiring. See Facebook to hear and see what we experienced Kids said it was the best day ever but they say that every day. Their energy and enthusiasm is endless. All are at Juneau homes of the Alaska Youth Choir. Having wonderful times. Off to Anchorsge in morning. That 5 am meeting to airport rill come very early. But stablest uracil be light ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau June 12th 2014

Arrive Juneau (capital of Alaska) early. Tied up when we wake up. Today we have our first onshore excursion (and a real big one - dog sledding on the Norris glacier by helicopter). Breakfast and layer up with thermals, etc. Down to disembark and Geoffrey is waiting for us. Julie also got a late berth on this one so we have good company. About 10 others on the trip. On to the bus and fill out weights, waivers, etc. Hmm what weight do I use - gym weight or fully thermalled and layered. Short bus trip trying to keep Geoffrey under control - he is like a kid in the candy store. Get to the helicopter base and have to do real weights, safety briefing and then get life jacket and special glacier booties (great look). ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Endicott Arm September 26th 2013

Last day in Juneau and it was GORGEOUS WEATHER !!! Super sunny and 59 degrees. Took Flight 76 from Juneau to Seattle - 3hrs - slept the whole flight. Now in Port Orchard WA til Saturday morning- back in Austin to Decompress on Sat. Time Flies ~... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Endicott Arm September 24th 2013

pics from today the Historic Dalton Trail - where gold was discovered in Porcupine Creek nine miles away. As people came here to pan and mine for gold, the government set up a barrier that allowed only people that had 1 ton of supplies could get a permit (food, ammo, tents etc) - and it would take many of them the entire Spring to make up to 40 trips back and forth to get their 1 ton of supplies. I can only imagine what those days must have been like.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau » Endicott Arm September 23rd 2013

from my phone today... read more
Oysters - finally
mountain from the ferry boat

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