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February 18th 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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woke up to rain. decided to sleep in for a bit because of the rain. had an omelet, beans, bread, and fruit for breakfast. checked out, but kept stuff at hostel. took the map of Oaxaca and walked all over the place. saw so much because i was able to go at my own pace. got a churro for 2.5 pesos, fruit salad box for 15 pesos. ate some in the square--where it seemed to have a political demonstration going on. bought a box of just mango--15 pesos, water 7 pesos. wanted a street taco, but couldn't find any carts that looked good. went back to the hostel. made a cup of noodles before that went to a bakery and got a milk-egg custard pie for 5 pesos. ate lunch, took a shower. walked to the bus terminal. took the bus from Oaxaca to Palenque......15 hours!!!! lots of stops. luckily the bus was empty towards the end so I could lay down on 3 seats.


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