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February 19th 2010
Published: September 8th 2010
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Got to town around 8am. walked to the hostel. able to check in right away. met Charmaine from the UK and Grace from California. decided to go to the ruins right away. rained a bit. took shuttle bus for 10 pesos. had to pay 25 pesos to get in the jungle area and then another 51 pesos for the ruins. the ruins were awesome. loved how it had jungle all around the ruins. almost slipped coming down the stairs because they were slippery from the rain. saw the ruins at my pace, which was nice. went everywhere and anywhere I could get to. used my flashlight to go places i am sure other people don't go to. had a great time exploring all the ruins. saw a tree that had some cactus on it. looked closer and saw 2 HUGE iguanas. they were probably going to mate. went to one ruin that a lot of people do not go to and scared probably 7 iguanas. it was so cool. went to the museum. watched 5 videos about who discovered the ruins and saw a huge tomb. there ruins were Mayan ruins. went back into the ruin site to see what i missed. saw a nice limestone waterfall. saw everything that i could. took a bus back to town...10 pesos. went to the supermarket. bought water 5 pesos, Oaxaca cheese 7.97 pesos, chorizo 15 pesos, onion 9 pesos, cucumber 11 pesos, cup of noodle 3.97 pesos, bread 3 pesos, total was 43 pesos. went back to the hostel and made a late lunch/early dinner. so good! fried some onions and chorizo and put it in some bread. cut up a cucumber and ate cheese with it. nice! Grace wanted a bbq so went back to the store. I got flan...15 pesos. it was good! played ping pong. lost in three sets. went to bed and heard some strange noises coming from my locker. saw that the cup of noodle had teeth marks. took everything out of the locker and a mouse jumped out!!! i scrambled all the food and put it in the fridge.


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