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September 22nd 2005
Published: October 8th 2005
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Ever seen the running of the bulls in narrow streets of Spain… nope? Me neither, but this was a Mexican Version of the Spaniard influence, though they cordon of the town centre/ plaza and let the bulls run around there, with a multitude of people surrounding the outside and quite a few ‘smart’ people in with the bulls, (me being one of them). Was definitely an experience, the people/ compressed crowds are often more dangerous than the bull. Though the guy with blood coming from his eyes, nose and mouth wouldn’t agree.

It was bad enough being one of the only girls in there (with Sarah), with a ridiculous amount of whistles, didn’t help the nerves, and when they finally settle, a man turns round… ‘This is not a game, you know that right?’ …. Huh? What was it?... no, no… we knew what we were getting in on, you only live once right? And getting ripped apart by a bull, is certainly more interesting than a death bed ☺ (a ridiculously optimistic way of looking at it…. But hey, it’s ok, I’m ok…. The bulls on the other hand). So after a couple of hours, they have the killing
no where to sleep... no where to sleep... no where to sleep...

we know how that feels... aye sarah :)
of the bulls. In a massive rink, with lots of cerveza, lots of people, lots of sun… horses, spears, rodeo clowns, and very cute bulls… I didn’t appreciate the killing of them... but I did think it was worth the atmosphere of it all. Something I wouldn’t be experiencing anytime soon, that’s for sure.

So, yeah I’m pretty broke now, after a month fiestas… then a month of travelling… jadey sleep now. Though it was 500 pesos well spent… for the bus. And the accommodation… well, Mexican promises… aren’t promises, so the first night, on the bus, second 30 mins out of town, with no stuff, no blanket, just a house, and a fold out sofa bed, which I was extremely appreciative of. The third however, was a joke and a half, again the promises, were too, so the 3 situations were as presented, the car, this guy’S - JADE! (random-meet no. 123) place that was a few doors up from where they parked, but when it got to 5 in the morning, the people that were suppose to sleep, where we decided to crash, came home and wanted their beds back, lastly we ended up in a mate’s

not us...
place (no key, so we had to break in), that had 3 king size beds, and comfortable mink blankets, and most importantly a roof over our heads. (In situations like these, you just have to be honest with yourself, and crack up in hysterics of how much dignity you have left)… If there’s a will, there’s always a way - nobody said it was the best way.

Sleeping situations (as above), hitch-hiking (not a common thing in Mexico - unsurprisingly) *gasp*, being dragged under the pomplanada crowd and pulled out (fear is the biggest adrenaline rush), and the art gallery (with an exhibition opening, free wine, and meet & greet the artist) were all winners in my eyes. Sure, the city centre FULL fiesta, live music - mariachis, fire dancing… was fun times, fun times, but must say, it was a runner up. In comparison to these other lil ‘experiences’

It better to regret the things you do, do than that things you haven’t… and there’s definitely no regrets here, that’s for sure, only memories… and the understanding of why San Miguel de Allende is one of the top 20 locations to retire.

jade ☺xo

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the main sqaure the main sqaure
the main sqaure

no sunglasses
puzzle con-manpuzzle con-man
puzzle con-man

got conned into buying a foam puzzle of mexico.... (pretty cool actually) there were 70 pesos each, but we got it to 2 for 80 pesos.... who's the bestest?
fantastic frappasfantastic frappas
fantastic frappas

sarah, alfredo and i splurged at the start... not smart

the only thing standing between the bulls and you, (if you're a scardy-cat)
appleton's rumappleton's rum
appleton's rum

proud sponsors of the pamplonada
knock knockknock knock
knock knock

shake my hand while you're at it
why hello therewhy hello there
why hello there

exactly what you want to see when you look above you adter looking in the mirror
afternoon delightafternoon delight
afternoon delight

the tacos that is
san miguel's Cathedralsan miguel's Cathedral
san miguel's Cathedral

a.k.a disney palace
knock knock 3 knock knock 3
knock knock 3

mariachi member
knock knock 3aknock knock 3a
knock knock 3a

me and my fascnations with the doors
who's therewho's there
who's there

so, THAT what's inside
primary coloursprimary colours
primary colours

for the primary buildings
passer bypasser by
passer by

enough said
knock knock 4knock knock 4
knock knock 4

sarah, who's there?
street paradestreet parade
street parade

gigantisized pinatas

11th October 2005

do mexicans do mexican waves?:)
11th October 2005

Those poor bulls!!! Thats horrible!! lol, I sooo would've jumped on *that* bandwagon =op
18th October 2005

'red' bull
hahhahha get it? red bull?@?! hahha i'm dry... neways wow where do you find out abt all these events
24th April 2006

la parroquia
yo vivo en ese lugar iy es lo maximo si algien mira mi mensaje les digo que lo mejor que tiene san miguel es la parroquia visitenla.

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