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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá June 10th 2014

Got to see Chichen Itza with Cara... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida May 27th 2014

Going back to Merida is like the best summer vacations of my youth: getting to see relatives you really liked in a place you adored and a whole other set of friends and experiences different than those at home. Each visit ended with torn emotions between hating to leave and a longing to return home. Nowadays, for me, that longing to return home just ain’t there. March is a great time to visit the Yucatan. The weather is not yet too hot, the festivities of Carnaval, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter season are in the air and well represented. There is always a party waiting to happen or be found if you just look. George and I traveled as much for de-stressing as for a vacation. Though aren’t they intertwined? We stayed at Ms. Ofelia’s Hotel ... read more
A stroll through the park.
Sunday's Past time.
People at vendors' in the park.

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Valladolid May 17th 2014

Our Arrival The bus from Merida dropped us off at the bus station in town on calle 39 and calle 46. Where We Stayed Hostel de Huespedes - calle 39 and calle 48. M$180 for a double room with bathroom and TV. Internet worked in reception area. The whole place was pretty grubby and there was a dirty kitchen which could be used but no fridge. However it seemed to be the cheapest place in town and the room was large. What We Did VISITED CENOTES Cenote Zaci - in town on calle 37 and 34. M$25 admission. A half open cenote with swimming. Cenote Samula - out of town on the way to Dzitnup. We walked there and it took about 1 1/4hrs on a path running alongside the highway. There are also colectivos that ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida May 15th 2014

Our Arrival We arrived at the 2nd class bus terminal on Calle 68 and Calle 69. From there it is a quick walk into town. Where We Stayed Hotel Marsella - on calle 68 and calle 63. M$250 for a double room with bathroom, TV, aircon and internet. What We Did Walked around the City looking at the churches, parks and buildings. You can get a map with information about all of the areas from the tourist information on the square. The best market in town is the Mercado Municipal Lucas de Galvez near Calle 67. Where We Ate There were places to eat around the big market and the bus station. There is an Oxxo convenience store on calle 63 and calle 64. We went to a bar on calle 61 near calle 66 which ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá May 10th 2014

10 to 13 May 2014 Saturday through Tuesday. Even by my standards, the ten day whirlwind through Peru and Bolivia was exceptionally fast paced. We were ready for a rest. As explained in my planning blog at , due to a lack of frequent flyer miles to fly directly from La Paz to Denver we were "forced" to take a break in Mexico, and where better than the beach and cultural location of Cancun, with the Mayan Yucatan within easy reach. As it was off season in Cancun, we booked four nights at the Marriott CasaMagna Resort at a very reasonable price...I've paid more for a two star motel. When we checked in the receptionist apologetically told us that the hotel was fully booked and that they had upgraded us from a garden view to a ... read more
El Castillo at Chichen Itza
Bob at the Observatory at Chichen Itza
Observatory at Chichen Itza

North America » Mexico » Yucatán April 19th 2014

Our first trip to Mexico!... read more
Chicen Itza pyramid
Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Ek Balam April 5th 2014

The third set of Mayan ruins that I visited after Palenque and Tulum were at Ek' Balam situated ~30 kms north of Valladolid. The ruins don't get near the traffic of nearby Chichén Itzá which is a major part of their appeal. Ek' Balam means "Black Jaguar" and although it's been eons since any jaguar prowled the premises there is a tomb with an incredible carved doorway depicting the mouth of a jaguar-monster. US$ ≈ 13 Mexican pesos (M$) Playa del Carmen Secondary beach resort to Cancún/Cozumel but purportedly not as built up as either. I stayed a few blocks back from the beach which has a totally different ambiance than around "La Quinta" where all the schwanky hotels and restaurants are located. I really just wanted some beach time (which is beautiful all along the ... read more
Entrance Arch
Entrance Arch From Atop the Oval Palace
Atop the Oval Palace

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Merida March 30th 2014

Hola from on board our fancy autobus with wifi. Can finally catch up on blogs. From Valladolid we had a short bus trip to Merida. We scored ourselves a sauna room at the hostel with only the noisiest fan. They had a pool but there was no way I was putting anything more than my feet in it. Merida was another colonial type town quite larger than Valladolid. The night we arrived was the start of a festival so the roads around the main square we closed off and full of makeshift restaurants and street vendors. On on street there was a band and all the oldies were dancing. There is such a great family vibe in Mexico. We organised our bus tickets to Palenque for the next day so needed another night accomodation in Merida. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Valladolid March 26th 2014

Que tal! Had a shortish bus trip from Playa to Valladolid. Been very impressed with the bus service here. I had read that in Valladolid very few people spoke English so was excited to practice our spanish which I think we are both doing quite well...along with hand gestures. Valladolid is a cute colonial type town and our hostel was next to a nice square and church. In the middle of Valladolid is a square full of trees where allthe local families hang out instead sitting at home in front of a tv like we all do. The buildings are all painted diffrrent colours. From Valladolid we did a day trip out to Chichen Itza and Il-Kil, a sink hole you can swim in. We got to Chichen Itza early to beat the crowds and the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán March 5th 2014

March 5 – Wednesday – Heading back to Tejas – I was aiming at catching the 10 AM bus to Cancun Airport this morning. I left a large pile of stuff for the maid if she wanted it plus 100 Pesos. Then I turned in my keys and as I stepped out of the gate and into the street flagged down a cab. I told him 50 pesos to Autobusses on 5th street at Benito Juarez. He said ok and off we went. I had to tell him which station as there are 2 in town. I got to the station in plenty of time and although the ticket seller had told me I could catch an earlier bus if I got here earlier the bus driver wouldn’t let me on the 9:30 bus and even ... read more
Santander ATM, Scotiabank, and Macdonalds
ADO bus to airport
ADO bus arriving at airport

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