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October 3rd 2011
Published: October 7th 2011
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We had a great breakfast of pancakes today cooked by the exuberant Viktor who had clearly survived or escaped home in time to miss the protest drama – maybe there hadn’t been any trouble this year after all. He greeted us with ‘new day new start’ which seems to be his favourite saying and his jolly dancing and smiling!

Then it was time to head back to the airport, having decided the only option was to cut our losses and fly to Playa del Carmen where it would be warmer and we could hole up and try and get my ankle sorted. We fully intend to return to Mexico and do the section of the journey we have missed, it really seems a fab country.

The journey back to the airport was through much quieter streets this time, although it still reminds me of India. What a change though at the airport we checked in and the girl asked if I needed special assistance then promptly turned a very able bodied man out of the few seats in the disabled area so I could sit down. Then along came a guy with a wheelchair and we were whisked through security etc, found seats in the departure lounge and told he would be back to take me to the departure gate later. I could not believe the efficiency! It meant we had 2 hours to wait before take off and no chance of a smoke but well worth it! Sure enough he re-appeared and down to the plane we went, he even wheeled me inside the plane, good on you Mexico!!

The flight was only 1 ½ hours and then once I got down the plane steps there was a wheelchair waiting which they gave to Howard so he could push me – by now everyone else has vanished so we just headed in what we thought was the right direction and apart from nearly losing my leg in an emergency exit door which someone just happened to be coming out of as we passed so Howard tried to get in it!, we found our way, got our bags and were out in about 15 minutes if that! We even managed to find and buy tickets for the bus to Playa del Carmen and it arrived 10 minutes later.

It took about an hour to get to Playa but we were kept entertained by the heart rending Spanish film they were showing on the bus, shame we had to miss the ending though! When we got to the bus station on the main road where there were loads of taxis but as Howard knew it wasn’t far to the hotel he refused to pay the rip off price (£2.50) so I hobbled along in the rain. It didn’t take long to get to the hotel El Acuario which we had booked for 3 nights (just incase it was a bit grotty) and what a lovely surprise it’s a little 2 storey oasis! There are only 12 rooms all with verandas’ with a table and chairs and a hammock (I am dying to have a go but must resist for now), there are palm trees, plants, flowers and everywhere is either whitewashed or painted yellow or orangey pink with a sweet little pool in the courtyard outside the rooms – it’s lovely!

The rooms are basic but clean, have a/c, a fridge and internet access so it is perfect for resting up and recovering and we will probably be staying here until we join the trip.

So now all the painkillers from both the usa and uk are gone I got in touch with Vicki who very kindly through her Spanish doctor husband were able to tell me what the Mexican tablets were and the good news that they are anti-inflammatory with no aspirin in! And how to take them. (I have never found a non asprin anti-inflamatory in the uk). So that night with tea I took the first one and slept well and had no pain! A bloody miracle I tell you.

The next morning still no pain and all the swelling is going down what a relief. It was lovely blue skies and sunny so I went out to the pool and had a bit of a swim and got some sun. I also met the hotel cat who is a lovely little slim tabby with a miaow that is really high pitched and sounds like something out of a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon! I also saw what I thought was a giant stone lizard on the roof until it got up and walked along – it was like something out of Jurassic Park, it was HUGE!

By lunch it was windy, grey and raining and now Howard tells me this is actually the hurricane season in mexico!

Each day since has been sunnier for longer and today was so for the full day, so its a great place to be and i cant wait for my ankle to be fully healed so we can go out and explore! There have been no further sightings of the Jurassic Park lizard so i'm just hoping he just lives up on the roof!

So for now it's just lazy days of sunshine, spent relaxing, reading and swimming in the pool YAY!!!


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