An Iguana tried to drop a dead rat on my head!

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October 13th 2011
Published: October 14th 2011
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I kid you not, there I was laid out by the pool, thankfully under the 1 and only sunshade and it bounced off it and went under the little table next to me! The iguana then spent about 5 minutes looking down from the top of the wall behind us trying to find its lunch! Later that night I saw the hotel cat, Coco, speeding along with the dead rat in its mouth.

I also came across the hotel tortoise today, which was huge, it’s the one and only time I have spotted him.

13th Oct ‘11
Well I guess it’s time for an update again, so basically it has just been days filled with sun, swimming and reading – wonderful!! Not another flying rat in sight! Not a lot else to say really, we have mooched around the town a bit, found some awful places to eat and some really nice ones. I must say I do not like Mexican food very much it is all sloppy and runny (apart from the steaks and Arrachero – the national steak dish which is delicious), they have no concept of puddings and the ice cream is just plain weird, so
Playa del CarmenPlaya del CarmenPlaya del Carmen

yes i did actually get to the beach even if it was only at night!
if I do not lose weight now then I have no chance!! It’s a sweet little place though and not too busy, as it is low season at the moment.

Even if there is an english speaking Alcoholics Anonymous over the road the hotel is a lovely haven and we have got to know a couple of americans who are living at the hotel for a year!!!! Which of course gave us ideas! But I do not think the grub is good enough for me to seriously up sticks and live here.

However the hotel has now been invaded by a couple of Mexican families with kids!!!!!!!!!!! who love going in the pool at night and screaming and shouting, note to self I must remember what is was like being on holiday with children and not get annoyed!

My ankle is so much better, I still have to wear the support when we go out, particularly as the pavements and roads are really uneven and broken up, but I am sure it will be fine when we join the trip in a couple of days. We have really got used to this mega lazy lifestyle but are more than ready for moving on and a bit of adventuring, especially as it has been grey and rainy all day today.

I’m not sure how updating this blog is going to work out once we leave here as we have no real idea of where there will be internet access until we get to Antigua in Guatemala which isn’t for a couple of weeks so the next few updates might all happen at once!


17th October 2011

Nice to see
It's nice to see your more relaxed now, what with Iguana's trying to hit you with dead rats (mind you, better that, than a live one) and then laura scaring the be-jesus out of you, like she did to me (I have to say I actually snorted tea out of my nose (drinking as I read your comment) nearly choked and gave jack a right good laugh whilst I cleaned up the keyboard and screen.) Anyway, lets hope that your ankle is back to strength and the adventures continue, and you can keep us updated often, I really look forward to them, lots of love, and keep on keeping on. xxxx :)

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