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May 27th 2014
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City HallCity HallCity Hall

As seen from the park across the street.
Going back to Merida is like the best summer vacations of my youth: getting to see relatives you really liked in a place you adored and a whole other set of friends and experiences different than those at home. Each visit ended with torn emotions between hating to leave and a longing to return home.

Nowadays, for me, that longing to return home just ain’t there.

March is a great time to visit the Yucatan. The weather is not yet too hot, the festivities of Carnaval, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter season are in the air and well represented. There is always a party waiting to happen or be found if you just look.

George and I traveled as much for de-stressing as for a vacation. Though aren’t they intertwined?

We stayed at Ms. Ofelia’s Hotel Mucuy knowing we are loved and well attended.

We visited our old haunts in Centro just blocks from the hotel: Café Peon Contreras, La Parrilla and Café La Habana to name a few. We visited with friends, ate well, rested and did as we pleased. Happy, happy times.

We toured Chichen Itza, named one of new Wonders of the World in 2007. I had read articles about the Grand Ball Court previously and was interested in that part of the grounds. The game played during those days were definitely not your typical Texas football ! I’ll let you read up on that part of Mayan history, but the winners didn’t get the parades, parties and super bowl rings; you can say they lost their heads over their success!

George took an afternoon / evening tour to Izmal for the history and a light show they have. He had booked for a cenote (sinkhole) of note but it was cancelled and substituted for this one. He said that he did learn more of the area’s history and enjoyed his evening.

That same evening, Ms. Ofelia, her daughter, also named Ofelia, and I enjoyed the treats at TGI Fridays on Paseo de Montejo. Pedro still works there and it was nice to see him again! Joel, the manager, was on vacation that week and I was upset with myself that I had neglected to email him to announce my plans so he could have told me. Not to worry though: George and I bumped into him as we walked into the bus station in Progreso! Met his small, shy, son too !

Then a day at Progreso. What a great place for a beach! Not too quiet and not too commercial – just right. We ate and drank our way up and down the Malecon, sometimes in the establishments, sometimes beachside.

This is a stop on certain cruise lines too (hint, hint).,

That same night we met with Ronna Space for dinner. I had met Ronna and her sister, Sheril, here in Merida two years ago and we have kept in touch thank goodness. We told tales, ate well and had a good time.

We spent our last full day playing in the park, Plaza Grande, where Sundays are filled with people, food, crafts, music and fun for all.

We had a great, but short, time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Notes from this trip:

Merchandise is different this time; more imports and more expensive too. Couldn’t even find the usual shopping balsas.

The day after our arrival we were at the bank exchanging currency and the exchange rate at that time was 12.50 to 1.

It is always worth your time and expense to take side trips and expand your knowledge.

Don’t worry about lack of Spanish. English is fine here.

Tip as you would in the States. Treat all with respect. Just because you’re out of your community we are all humans (I have seen some real cads visiting, giving Americans a bad taste in my mouth).

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A new feature at the Hotel Mucuy!
Little Miss O !Little Miss O !
Little Miss O !

Picture of her mother didn't develop-damn it.
Windy that SaturdayWindy that Saturday
Windy that Saturday

But we were loving that it was warm and that we weren't in Texas!

27th May 2014

You Go Girl !!!
SO glad you got to take this vacation. Merida loves you as much as you love her!

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