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September 25th 2019
Published: September 25th 2019
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We have been told that it is best to arrive at Chichen Itza early to avoid the crowds and the heat. Our driver Alberto picks us up at 7 and we are at Chichen Itza by 8.30. There is hardly anyone here we buy our tickets. Our guide, Omar, checks that we have both tickets. In fact you need to buy a ticket at each window and then give one ticket to one ticket collector and the other to the other ticket collector (follow?).

Chichen Itza is the archeological site in Mexico. Catherine is relieved because you can’t climb anything and the site is close to sea level also there are no tunnels. As we arrive the souvenir sellers are setting up. It must take them hours carefully laying out everything. I’m thinking 2 hour set up and two hour take down means you have about 2 hours of actual selling. We get some great photos as there are very few people around but it is bloody hot.

The land is privately owned except the buildings which are government (hence the two tickets). The American that originally owned it dredged the cenote on the property which was not government owned and took the artefacts back to the US.

Our driver Alberto suggests a new cenote (bearing in mind that cenote shave probably been around for centuries). This one has only recently been excavated. It is idyllic. A cave with light streaming through a hole in the roof, stalactites and even little fish swimming by. Wilko is close to tears.

Alberto takes us to Ishmal where he suggests a restaurant. The town was painted yellow for Pope John Paul II's visit and apparently there are strict rules, even the Pepsi logo was changed. Fantastic garden setting with a traditional Mexican menu. Food was great. Then he took us around to the pyramids in the town which are in the process of being restored. We had a quick look at the cathedral and Catherine and Becs bought more stuff because the nuns in the gift shop were cute. I’m getting more and more anxious about the internal flight baggage limit.

Back at Mérida we have a couple of hours before we head out. No sign of Ricky. The square is very busy and we arrive just in time for mass. Catherine is overcome with the religious experience and converts in the spot. Wilko and I have a beer. We watch some traditional dancing in the square. One of the great things about Mexico is there is always something happening (like Camelot). If it’s not Ricky Martin it’s traditional dancing or Independence day.

We haven't planned dinner which often ends in disaster, but not tonight, Café Apialo had been recommended by the hotel and it delivered the goods.


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