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February 11th 2011
Published: February 11th 2011
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Tired Mayan GirlsTired Mayan GirlsTired Mayan Girls

They have been trying to sell things to tourists all day...
Yesterday we had a lazy day.... Carol stopped by while we still in PJs and we arranged to meet for dinner. Bill and I headed out later for the market. Bill bought a hat and went home while I wandered around the market for awhile. I love markets...looking at all the stuff people sell and buy for their daily needs...many, many shoe stands and stores here. I tried to replace my sandals but I wear one size larger than they carry in women's shoes....

We all met for dinner (Carol, Martin, us and two of their friends) and then attended a free classical guitar concert at the University (a block from our hotel). The guitarist was 17!

Today we took the public bus to Celestun, where there is a large bird reserve/sanctuary. The two and half bus ride cost about $4.00 each way. We had spotted two young couples (from France and Belgium, it turned out) on the bus and, using my teacher skills, I organized a group. We headed to the reserve in two motorcycle taxis, at 80 cents each. We hired a boat from the men who wait by the official ticket booth, where the price is much higher. There seems to be no issue with the two systems working against each other. We split the $60 rental between us.

The boat took us near the beautiful flocks of flamingoes that come here to breed each spring. They have the brightest coloring of all flamingoes in the world. There are about 50,000 left. We also saw egrets, white and brown pelicans, frigate birds, and cormorants. The next stop was a mangrove swamp, and then on to a fresh water spring full of fish, where we could swim...

Back in town, we had lunch by the sea, as the wind kicked up and rain moved in. Then back to Merida on the bus, and to our latest room (very small.....) at the Luz.

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An essential means of transportationAn essential means of transportation
An essential means of transportation

People rely on these for transportation in the small villges and towns. The government is building paths to keep them safely off the roads. The upgrade is powered by a motorcycle.

Nothing else they could be! We could see them from a mile away.

Had to change around the corner....French girl just changed right there!

11th February 2011

wish we were there!
Love reading your adventure tales. I've wanted to take the very trip you are on! I (Judy) ended up staying 2 months more in Taxco last year - it was heaven to be in a school, meet other students from around the world and really get to know a place. Enjoy!
13th February 2011

Flamingos Rr vt
Great trip so manage to see real stuff of living, not just the tourist things

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