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June 19th 2013
Published: June 19th 2013
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We wanted to make sure we introduced some of our friends. Mark and Karen Higgins are awesome and amazing! We've loved getting to know them and working alongside them at the Center. Here's their ministry information below. You can read up about their work in San Rafael and if you want to you can send a donation too.
**Mark and Karen Higgins, Living Stones Ministry - Mexico, P.O. Box 218Lukeville, AZ 85341 970-424-1037 phone Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, they are plans for good, not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Another friend we want you to know is Mark Thrash. We met him at a CRM weekend in Spokane last year and Mark is awesome too!**Mark Thrash, Director of Partner Development, Office of the President mobile � 949.616.9889 web � facebook � empowers leaders to revitalize the impact of the Church, take new ground, and bring transformation among the poor, so that communities are transformed and disciples are made
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no amount of duct tape can fix these...but nice try Kai
among the nations.

At that weekend retreat God planted an idea in Geoff's heart to take his whole family on a mission trip. One year later - here we are! Praise Jesus! God is wonderful how he connects people and helps us dream his dreams for growing his heavenly kingdom here on earth. Yeah God! Gloria a Dios!

**Here's a few bonus tidbits from the last few days.

1. Geoff and I are not what you'd call saavy business people. The kids wanted boogie boards which of course we could have brought down from our Phoenix WalMart experience but that didn't happen. So the first shop we go to they want $20. $20 for 2 of them, I ask. No, just for 1. She tells us her cost is $13.50 each but she'll give us 2 for $28 and only make 50 cents per board. No thanks we say and we're off to the Boardwalk. There the vendors won't budge past $20 for 1. Of course the kids want them. We sheepishly go back to the first store and relunctantly pay $28 for 2 boards. Geoff asks for her to throw in a little floaty doughnut thing into the deal. She says, Yes for 3 more dollars! Forget it. After we buy the boards we remember there's a Sam's Club right when you drive into town. Oh well. Next time.

2. Pearl goes out to the edge of the water and starts making these weird noises. Pearl what are you doing? I'm talking to my little whale friends, she explains. Of course she is! We had our own little Finding Nemo moment.

3. We've all gotten banged up at bit with the surf and rocks. Geoff's gotten it the worst. It's really shallow where we're at but all of a sudden you're just walking along the water and then there's a hole in the rock reef. OUCH!

4. The Peso to Dollar exchange is barely 12 pesos to $1 Dollar. How did that happen? Wasn't it 40-50 Pesos per Dollar when we were kids?

I'll end today's tidbits with this. Last night I heard my kids all eager to pray and to thank God for the day and his many blessings and provisions. What a delight! (It's not always a blessing to read the Bible together as a family and pray. But last night it was!) The kids asked why don't the kids at the Center go swimming? We talked about how things are different in different cultures - that maybe they don't like to swim or don't know how. But also that it's a luxury that some of them may never experience. Our kids got a tiny lesson in economics (now remember Geoff and I are NOT really business smart.) But our kids got the heart of it - we Americans are quite rich. Our discomforts are not getting to eat at Panda Express when we want or having to save up money to buy an I-Pod. But everything we own - our money, homes, cars, bank accounts, investments, relationships, TIME - it ALL belongs to our Heavenly Father - and we need to constantly be asking God how He wants us to manage His resources. Often it is sharing our wealth, but maybe just as often it's sharing our lives with others. May we all be purposeful in what God's given us to manage today and listen to the Holy Spirit's leading and be quick to obey. Just like Mary's husband, Joseph, in the Bible! Thank you, Jesus, Amen!


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