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25th June 2013

Hey there
Just sending love from the Von family! Prayers for your trip are happening. Love you all!
22nd June 2013

Enjoying your blog!
Hello Monique, Your Dad shared your blog with us and I am enjoying it very much. It may not have been the water that made you all sick. Yesterday I had what you described and slept about 12 hours straight. Everytime I moved, I hurt so I didn't move. I love your pictures and stories about the school and your friends. You are very special and you and your family will be appreciated. Donna
21st June 2013

does anyone leave comments?
or no one is reading this???
23rd June 2013

Yes, Geoff, I'm reading it. :) Love, tu esposa
24th May 2009

oooooohh!! Beautiful photos!!! Makes me want to climb inside "Spirit" and go for an adventure with your family! What an amazing opportunity/gift you are giving your children! Think of the memories you'll have to share when your children are grown and have families of their own! Inspiring!
From Blog: Surf to Snow
24th May 2009

Carpe Diem!
Wow!! Your family sounds so fun!! It sounds like you take things as they come and enjoy each blessing fully. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
From Blog: Last of the Sun
6th January 2009

Jelly Belly!!!
I love Jelly Beans... like I really love them and I am dying to know what the new test flavors for 2009 are... did the tell you on the tour?
From Blog: Last of the Sun
2nd January 2009

It's not as bad as all that... we only have 47 standing inches right now here in Elk... LOL and I am so super excited to hear you talk of all this T-shirt wearing! Love you. Have fun and be safe....that sounded like a 7th grade health class teacher... anyway LOL... I hope you are having fun! ~ Braveheart
29th December 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth!
I love it! I absolutly love Disneyland... not just a little bit... A LOT! I hope you all had a wonderful time!
27th December 2008

Hows Going!
Hey Guys, Hows it going? Did you find anymore sun??? See you soon!
26th December 2008

You were serious!
So I just got all caught up.... yeah, it took awhile! When you said you were going to blog the trip I understimated the energizer bunny in you so I just took a look today to see how it was going. I will not be remiss again... I will now check daily as a good little Amy should do! I love you and I am glad you all are doing well!
22nd December 2008

So happy that you are SAFE!
Great job with the Blog -- I'm so impressed... Thanks for sharing with us -- we can't wait to see Disneyland... Love, Kari
21st December 2008

Awaiting your arrival
The weather in California is delightful, so let it snow, let snow, let snow.... get out your sunscreen. See you all soon!
21st December 2008

HI guys!! FUN to read your blog and keep up with you on the road!! We are enjoying th snow but maybe not the COLD weather so much. It is freezing here. And more snow soon. Spokane, Washington made the front page of CNN today. Todd and I tried to finish Christmas shopping today while Uncle Eric took Kendra and Everett to see The Tale of Desperaux and then spoiled them with both McDonald's and ice cream! The Spokane Valley mall was so busy it took them 40 minutes just to get out of the mall parking lot!! We had Addison with us and accomplished a lot. It is late but the kids are playing so nicely at the moment I have not put them to bed yet. They have been acting out the Tale of Desperaux for hours. They especially love to reenact where the queen finds a rat in her soup and falls over dead - literally. She was scared to death. It cracks them up every time!! Anyway, Todd went out with his brother to a movie (he needed to get away after hours of shoveling snow and bringing in wood and helping stranded motorists!!). So, it is me and the brood. We love you all and miss you! God Speed.
20th December 2008

Thinking of you on your adventure...
We love reading your blog and keeping up on your adventures on the phone. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you make your way to Disneyland in these crazy weather conditions. I think Grampster was worried that Geoff had a bit too much of his "Dad" in him, but it sounds like he has handled the take-off in the snow better than Rick would have. We love that you are having such a fun winter adventure and seeing wonderful friends along the way. Keep checking in so that we know you are safe and making progress towards California. It continues to snow here at Big Lake. It was 3 degrees when we woke up this morning which is so unusual for here. Uncle Jon and Auntie Jess are right at home in this weather. Otto is missing his cousins to play in the snow, but cant' wait to meet up with you at Disneyland. We love you all so much! Grampster and Grama Cheri, Papa and GG
20th December 2008

Great News 'Geting Through the Gorge'
Glad you got the tickets. Will pick up Lila Sunday noon plus or minus.
18th December 2008

Go MOE! Go Snomoe!
Head south and don't stop until the snow is gone.

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