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North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco March 31st 2022

It was so nice to spend a day without driving! We slept like babies at Walter and Cindy's place. There weren't even any barking dogs...unusual for Mexico... Mexico is one of my favorite places in the world. While I can't say I'm "comfortable" here, since I'm always struggling with speaking Spanish, but all the smells, and sights and sounds are attached to wonderful memories, starting in 1987. The people are so courteous and friendly...Yesterday, we had several cars stop in anticipation of us crossing the street! And the food of course is wonderful. And being able to swim without my legs and hands being numb is a treat. One benefit of being a cold water swimmer is that what was once cold water now feels warm! I started the day with a run down to the ... read more
Tide pool swim
Tide pools
Ancient shell fragments

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco March 30th 2022

After a wonderful night's sleep at the surprisingly comfortable and quiet Hacienda Motel in Yuma, we prepared for the next part of the trip: a drive into Mexico! I went for run, and planned on bringing some coffee back to the room. The coffee shop was closed until the afternoon, because it was being repainted, so I returned to the room, changed, and we packed the car once again. We were going to wash the car, but Walter arranged to have someone in Puerto Penasco do it tomorrow, so all that was left was to do was get some cash, and some coffee! Those tasks completed, we headed for the border crossing, with a bit of nervousness. We had our visas handy, the passports out on the dash, and the insurance documents in a folder. We ... read more
What the car looked like after the dust and rain storms yesterday...
North side of Route 2

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco February 11th 2022

Yesterday was our last full day in Puerto Penasco and another service project and at the end of course was another dinner party. Our goal was to survey and fix up the water treatment plant the Red Rock club installed back in 2015. The purpose was to supply water to schools in the area. Tap water here is not suitable to be consumed by humans. The plant is set up to take the local water, filter and treat it to a consumable level and then deliver to the schools by truck. Water tanks were installed at the schools on the roof to use gravity for water pressure. In addition water was was made available to local residents at a small cost to help pay for operations. The operational portion of the plant is in perfect condition ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco February 10th 2022

It has been a whirlwind week so far. I’m not sure what it is right now, but I will give you an update so far. Our first service projects was a beach clean up at one of the local beaches. The main trash was cigarette butts, but we We cleaned them up. After lunch we went to a dialysis’ clinic that had been shut down during Covid. It needed a lot of cleaning and paint inside and out. It took us about 3 hours to finish. The clinic was put in by Rotarians to help save lives. Before the clinic people had to go 2 to 3 hours to get dialysis and many died in the process. Now with Covid the clinic has been shut down and nobody knows why. All the equipment is there ready ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco February 7th 2022

Yesterday we went and visited the Biosphere Crater, which not exactly the crater. It is the volcanic area resulting from the crater activity which is actually 1 1/2 hours away. The area is much like the Entrada area in St George. Most the same vegas ion and wildlife. We some hiking in the area on several interpretive trails, but all the signage is in Spanish with little or no English. I guess I expected the area to cater more to us Americans. Some of my prejudices coming through. We did have a catered lunch at the site from Jose’s friend. Always excellent food. Our evening adventure was scheduled to be a tour of a local farm with dinner. That was cancelled due to a few not feeling well and the rest basically just tired. The long ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco February 6th 2022

Well you probably thought we were lost somewhere, but we are here in Puerto Penasco. After a long drive from St George to Phoenix and then a drive from Phoenix to here we arrived the Friday evening. We had four vans with I think are 38 people. Not sure. If you have ever been on a SunRiver hike you know the counting is the hardest part of the hike. We made it through the border with no problems. I think we looked like one of those church groups we always try to stay away from. So far we have been on the move since we got here. First night dinner at one of Jose’ s friends who owns and runs a Restuarant in town and several members of the local Rotary club. Great food and even ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco February 2nd 2022

Well today is the day to pack everything you won’t need on the trip. Joanne tries to pack for everything that might happen or go wrong. I just pack. I have to admit this trip is a little more challenging. We drive through cold weather to get to Phoenix and the the weather turns warm from Phoenix to Mexico. A very perplexing problem when only packing one small suitcase. Another problem is dressing for a rotary meeting, some still consider this a business attire occasion. Next packing work cloths for working parties, then finally dressing for the relaxation time. For me that’s shorts, t-shirt and sandals, which could qualify for all the events in my world. So the panic day continues. What ever is in the suit case tomorrow morning at 8 will have to be ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco January 14th 2018

Crossing the border at Lukeville was a breeze.,waved right through. The Sun is shinning, the breeze is mild and the dogs are in heaven running the beautiful beach. Chewie keeps loosing his balls. The others are chasing birds, splashing in the ocean and rolling in the sand. Decided to get the motor home decals re painted a Mexican 4 days turned into 10. Stay at la Benita camp ground right on the most beautiful beach was not hard at all. Town was close with all sorts of nice places to go. We walked miles every day good for everyone.. Would recommend this place to anyone wanting a close to the border get away.... read more
Rocky point the 4
Condos in the distance

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco March 16th 2015

There is something about North America. After witnessing the unforgettable Pacific sunset in California, our first evening in Puerto Peñasco was met with an almost equally stunning display of celestial beauty. E and I arrived from the US into Mexico via the small border town of Tecate. The most common point of crossing from California is Tijauana but we'd heard that it can take up to three hours to get through the security procedures; when in Portland, Stacey had told us of Tecate as a quieter, quicker route through. She was right. With nobody else crossing, we breezed through the paperwork and security procedures in 15 minutes. Our next step was to catch a bus to Mexicali, a major city east of Tecate and Baja California's gateway to mainland Mexico, and for that we needed pesos. ... read more
Charles Dickens' Mexican brother.
Street monsters in Mexicali.
Armando and Lulu.

North America » Mexico » Sonora » Puerto Peñasco June 21st 2013

It's Friday so it's our last day at the Center with our new friends from San Rafael. Every time we step into the Center it's bustling with activity and purpose. This morning Eneida had the kids learning how to make bracelets. Karen was getting the backroom ready for the local Vet who comes once a week to spay and neuter the cats and dogs. Mark was hard at work with the garden and helping a man who just showed up with horrible feet sores from walking to the border and back - in flip flops! Here's a quick run-down of what "El Centro Comunitario Cristiano" offers the local people living in the San Rafael neighborhood: 1. Lunches, Monday - Friday, with Sermons, Bible Study and Kids programs. 2. Fruits and Vegetables distribution 3. Pet Rescue, Maintaining ... read more
"the carpool"
another cute puppy.....
Mary comforting post-surgery perro

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