We did it....again!

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February 21st 2012
Published: March 11th 2012
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For those of you who have read any of our blogs before you may be thinking "I thought they were already married?". We are!!! It’s a long story.....and this is it. Most traditions are accidental, they are practices or customs that happen every year, that people enjoy and after time people continue and insist on these practices every year as that is what makes the occasion special. ... Read Full Entry

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11th March 2012

How romantic...
and those tears were not from the sunlight! We are looking forward to seeing where you are married next year. From now on you won't forget your anniversary.
11th March 2012

Again! :)
11th March 2012

Very cool.
We almost always spend our wedding anniversary on vacation and frequently in another country. We were married in Barbados, remarried on our 5th anniversary by the same minister in Barbados, remarried on a quiet beach on Matamanoa Island in Fiji for our 10th and we went to Sanibel Island, Florida for our 15th because that was our 1st trip together. We stayed in the same hotel but upgraded to a much nicer room. We've gone back to Barbados a couple of other times to celebrate. In addition to those locations we've had celebrations in Sanibel Island, Florida, Dominica, West Indies, Manzanillo, Mexico, Maine, Cabo San Lucas, and Sedona, Arizona. It is a fun tradition.
12th March 2012

More congratulations!
Chris, many women complain that their husbands are not romantic - there is no way Nikki could make such a claim! Due to your anniversary being in February, it would be possible to renew your vows on every continent - you've already done so on two of them. This annual renewal of vows is such a beautiful idea!
12th March 2012

Congratulations (again)!
I absolutely love this idea - Andras and I are currently planning out wedding for later this year and it was quite the compromise between his desire for a destination beach wedding, and the practical logistics of getting my family to travel anywhere (and by compromise I mean ... we're having it close to my family). I promised we could do a vow renewal in a tropical location later - and I'm so glad to read of your account which suggests it can be just as special (and perhaps even more intimate and less stressful) to do it that way. PS: I think year two swaps cotton and paper - it's paper in the US for the first, cotton for the second. Vice versa in the UK? Looks like you've already got it covered :)
12th March 2012

Congratulations guys, what lovely photos and such a contrast to last years snow & ice. x
13th March 2012

Congratulations..again :)
Thank you for sharing your second wedding - just reading about it bought a big smile to my face..beautiful pics & gotta love imodium! Looking forward to your next wedding.
25th May 2012

Congratulations! (again) - beautiful photos and a really sweet tradition!

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