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February 19th 2012
Published: March 7th 2012
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Coba is the only Mayan ruin with its original Mayan name, the names of the others as we know them today were given to them by the Spanish when they arrived in Mexico.

We had already visited the ruins at Tulum which, compared to the ruins of Coba, are miniscule. I knew the area would be bigger than Tulum but didn’t realise that the whole site stretches 92km squared. Only about 2% of that has actually been excavated and restored though.

We had a bit of a nightmare when we originally booked this trip as our transport broke down before it even got to pick us up so the tour company , as a way of apologising, organised for us to go on another day with a private guide, which turned out to be a really good thing. We got picked up 2 hours earlier than the original time, had no one else to pick up along the way and arrived before the huge hoards of crowds arrived.

When we entered the ruins we made our way, on a Mayan taxi (a bike with 2 seats at the front) to the Nohoch Mul pyramid, the tallest pyramid at Coba which stands at around 140 feet high. It has high, steep steps to get to the top and a rope down the middle for those who get vertigo (Nikki).

It is a good job we got to Coba early as I think Nikki would have become an attraction herself. This is the only day of the trip she wore an extremely short skirt. I began taking pictures of the pyramid from the bottom as Nikki began to climb the stairs. Once I took enough pictures I decided to join Nikki, who was now roughly a third of the way up. As I looked up from the bottom of the stairs at Nikki I could see her underwear so clearly I could see the pattern. “Babe” I shouted, “Yes” Nikki replied “Nice arse” I said, followed by “The colour of those knickers really suit you”. Everyone else climbing the pyramid stopped, looked and laughed. Luckily Nikki has a sense of humour and laughed too, some women would not have seen the funny side of being embarrassed lol.

When we got to the top the views were amazing. Nikki felt a little sick at the top and wouldn’t fully stand up as we were so high up. There was a girl who was sat right at the top who had been sat there before we even started walking up the stairs, we spent around 30 minutes at the top and she did not move, I asked if she’d move so that Nikki and I could take some pictures without other people in the background but she just ignored me. It seems I am a magnet for rude people, good job I’m not aggressive otherwise I’d get in to a lot of fights lol. Getting down was funny, there were children aged around 5 getting down faster than Nikki lol.

Next was the observatory, where the Mayans would collect a toll from visitors who came to trade with them. There are several temples and a palace at Coba, years ago the palace would have been painted red to signify the importance of blood from human sacrifice.

Coba has a smaller version of the ball court that you also see at Chichen Itza, the game that was played here was how they decided on who got sacrificed. Our guide told us the person who won the game was the one who got sacrificed as his blood was the strongest and best.

After our visit to Coba we visited a Mayan village where we saw how the Mayan people of today live They still live off the land and livestock and as of two months ago they have electricity, since they have had electricity some Mayan people have even got a TV in their house lol. Not the image I had in my head when I think of a Mayan civilization living in the past, maybe it was an old TV lol.

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