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November 9th 2011
Published: December 3rd 2011
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Costa Maya is a Mexico Tourism town, built by the government after a devasting hurricane in 2007 to help these poor folks out of poverty. On the dock is a beautiful, huge swimming pool, which I might do another time, surrounded by shops, double the price of out of this village. Our tour left at 8:05am from the pier. An hour bus ride with a great guide. I learned so much about Mayan history and beliefs. In Belize the guide wanted to talk more about slavery and British colonialism (it's formerly British Honduras). Most of the Belezians were black, with West Indian lilting voices, here they were all Mayan, short foreheads large noses. NO need to speak Spanish here, everyone spoke excellent English. Many still speak the Mayan dialect, also used in Apocolypto, with subtitles.

So the Chocchoben ruins. Another hour bus ride, very level surfaces through the jungle, many immature trees, leading one to believe they mowed down the forext to make it more tourist friendly. After discussions of the flora and it's medicinal purposes, we were led up (and were the first group of the day) to the 3 pyramids, which were built exactly positioned to the sun, moon, planets, the Mayans were great astronomers. That's why the date Dec. 21, 2012, the end of thei calcndar depicts the complete alighment at the equator of all the planets. It won't happen again. She also explained the calendar dates itself, in the Mayan numeral system, it's as high as it goes. So will the world end next year? Probably not, but the planet show should be something to witness. There was also a carving at these ruins of a person in a yoga pose, indicating that the origin of these Mayans was Asia.

Back to the ship, lunch, shower and well deserved nap. Dinner in Cagney's steakhouse was worth the additional $25. Prime filet with roquefort sauce and an incredible chocolate dessert. MMMMM. The show tonight "Duo Maurys" was electrifying! Even used a song from Allegria, so even though the name did not include Cirque du Soliel, don't miss this show.


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