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September 9th 2011
Published: September 9th 2011
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We really can't say enough about the food. I think I may have missed a couple of meals so just to get you all up to speed.



Breakfast consisted of Chilaquiles (fried totrilla chips topped with shredded chicken, tomato sauce cheese and fresh cream) You would have bet there were eggs, from the texture and even taste, but no. As always breakfast comes with fresh squeezed OJ, coffee, potatoes with Chorizo, fresh fruit and a basket of Mexican sweet breads.
It all tasted wonderful, the only small improvement would be that the chicken was a little dry. And the potatoes are always undercooked, but tasty.

Happy Hour

Since it was Jerry's birthday we added a happy hour course to our meals. It was in fact free since we bought travel insurance (we never buy travel insurance, but it is hurricane season and better safe than sorry). Happy hour consisted of Pico del Gallo & Guacamole with chips. The Pico Del Gallo has consistently been good and the Guacamole is very similar to how Jerry makes it but with less garlic. We also had a Pitcher of Sangria, this is our drink of choice now, not as sweet as the margaritas.

The Birthday Dinner

In honor of Jerry's 46th birthday we had Grilled Lobster (it was grilled in a garlic white wine sauce and very flavorfull). The big difference between Carribean and Maine lobster is the size. Maine Lobster are about twice the size and a little sweeter. We also had Shrimp with Garlic (light on the garlic but sauted in contreau). To finish off the meal, there was Sangria, Spanish Rice, Pico del Gallo & Chips, and of course fried plantains.



Today's breakfast was banana pancakes, Mexican scrambled eggs, and the usual sides. Today, I decided to pull out the frying pan and re-cook the potatoes & Chorizo. I managed to turn the stove on with out killing myself then cooked them nice and crispy just the way Jerry likes them. If you have ever had breakfast with Jerry, you know that he is exteremely picky about his morning potatoes. The pancakes were tasty and the syrup thick (possibly Vermont). A special treat this morning was the Churro's, cripsy and sweet goodness.

That brings you up todate on the food. The weather has been great, sunny all day, the Sea was calm we were out in it for about 90 minutes this morning. We do have neighbors on each side now, but they are really not noticeable until they try to use our tanning beds, but everyone does there own thing.

Miguel stopped by to give us a preview of dinner (the rehearsal dinner for the group next door). Sounds amazing, but you will just have to wait to hear about it.

It is now drink of the day time, so got to run.


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