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January 14th 2014
Published: January 15th 2014
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The Ocean Is A Poem Without Words.

HOLA! Coming to you live from warm sunny Playa del Carmen. We got here by 10:45 am this morning & are taking in the warm sunshine that's spreading all over our happy faces that we lift up to the sun. What a welcoming sight Playa always is.

No matter how many times we’ve been here, it still is a wonderful feeling once your feet hit the ground and your senses are awakened with the smell of sea salt in the air and the sounds of surf and music drifting by. We are like kids in a candy shop enjoying the array of goodies on display. I will admit it, I am an AQUA-HOLIC! The mere sight of the ocean makes my cares hitch a ride out of town.

We were up in the middle of the night to catch the first direct flight out to Cancun. This time the airport was eerily quiet, and we were whisked through with no snafus like last time going to Disney. 😞 Al & I read, dozed, read, dozed and before you knew the blue crystalline waters of the Caribbean could be seen from the plane.

I highly recommend taking a direct flight to your destination especially in winter season to avoid delays and unexpected bad winter conditions. Sometimes you have to pay a bit more but it’s worth it & it avoids many headaches.

Outside the airport is a Welcome Bar where you can grab a margarita or a beer to start off your vacation so we picked up a refreshing beverage. Ahhhhh...sip, gulp...And there's a beer cart that circles the outside of the airport offering cold beer to the throngs of folks heading by bus or shuttle to a resort. Now ain't that just the life? Then our wonderful driver Jaime picked us up and we piled into his air conditioned van with a cooler of beverages waiting for us.Another personal touch of staying at one of Playa Beach Getaways condos.

It wasn’t long before the long pants came off & summer gear was thrown on. First order of the day was getting settled, and then taking a walk to enjoy lunch and one of those rab-fab margaritas we always go on about.

It's one of the calmest days "ocean wise" we've seen in a while of being here. The ocean was full of sail boats, parasailers, jet skis and people floating to their heart's content.

Playa is always somewhat busy, but it seems a nice light group at the condo right now.

As for weather, it is beautiful here today, sunny and 27 with a high humidex. Apparently Playa too has suffered from cooler than normal weather according to Debbie (someone from back home who stays in Playa for months during the winter). So let’s hope the warm weather stays with us, letting us soak up some vitamin D.

We enjoyed lunch & drinks at a great restaurant on their rooftop with a beautiful pool/Jacuzzi overlooking the ocean, and we met up with the manager who we met last summer & he had to go and give us free drinks on the house. Darn I hate when that happens (yahoooo). We had smoked salmon & goat's cheese pizza, chicken quesadillas, a filet of salmon with a cilantro/garlic lemon sauce and roasted potatoes, and an order of house made nachos. What a good start to the day.

It's still early and after we have a drink on the balcony, we might partake on one of those scooby-doo beach side massages. Mom is watching the kids in the pool while Al & I put away the last of our groceries we got at Walmart. Now we are all set up with snacks, breakfast items and some grown up drinks if you know what I mean. (wink wink, get it).

We are living the life of Riley. And who the heck IS Riley and why does he always get such praise for living the good life? For sure he's an Irishman, and some say it came from a comic song by the vaudevillian Pat Rooney way back in 1890 in which the hero of the song, a hotel keeper named Riley describes what people will say when he hits it rich. "Well if that's Mr. Riley they speak of so highly. Why faith Mr. Riley, you're looking quite well".

So as I sit here taking in paradise on our balcony & watching a cruise ship off in the distance, sure hopin' you're looking quite well & are all doing something fun at home like watching SpongeBob Squarepants & eating KD. (now that's the life of Riley!)

Sorry that's all I got for now. If you want more reality you might have to catch an episode of Honey Boo Boo (god forbid)

Talk soon & see pics below!! (Oops I've been called to take a walk up on 5th and grab a margarita. Sheet I hate when that happens too 😉

"Give me the sun and the sea, and a little spot to just be". ~

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15th January 2014

Basking in Crossfield
Looks great and very familar. Drove Pat to Ardrie in a blizzard yesterday but we are basking in a chinook today. Ok its not 27C.
15th January 2014

Have a great time!
Hi Sally- So happy I still receive your messages. I just love reading your blog; they are so funny and entertaining! The interior of that van looks awfully familiar to me! Have a blast and please say hello to the girls and Al for me! Christine

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