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January 15th 2014
Published: January 15th 2014
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"Relax unwind. Get into a flip flop state of mind".

So where'd I leave off yesterday? I think it was about 5 PM & we were just settling into a nice groove after arriving in Playa-Dice slash paradise.

As the day turned toward night, the clouds moved in, and a beautiful humid rain came down, bouncing off the pool like coins dancing in a foundation. Our balcony is covered so I sat out for a bit, watching the rain dance over the surf as it pounded back & forth into the shore like it was having a fight with it. It’s like waves set to music; waves hissing up to the beach, kind of like a quick applause that dies out, then comes back again. As the day turned to night, it was still quite humid, and we had the doors wide open to invite it all in.

After lounging a bit, Al & I thought it would be nice to go out for a walk. 5th avenue was alive with music, shopping, and lots of places offering daily specials and drinks. We stopped & had a really nice margarita the size of a fish bowl.

But I’ve got to tell you, I don’t know what came over mom after we left but she went hog wild.

When we got home, mom was swinging a pillow off of the balcony singing Santana songs (in Spanish) all the while sipping a margarita yelling out to the stars, “ I LOVE YOU PLAYA DEL CARMEN”. Wow, mom was really on a roll. Yep, unbelievable. So I had to coach her in off the balcony, and to put down the pillow.

WHAT, you don't believe me? OK so what really happened was...

Mom watched the kids in the pool while Al & I took a walk & basked in each other’s company and came home to find mom & Ava snuggled up cozily on the couch. So I confess, there was no mom going hog wild, no mom on the balcony swinging a pillow or drinking margaritas. OK she had a cup of tea & maybe hummed a Santana song. Doesn't that count somehow?

But that sounds so boring so doesn't it sound so much more fun to think mom went crazy and was swinging pillows & throwing coconuts & swigging Tequila but alas, I’ve got to tell you, mom doesn’t drink, never has, never will but let's put it this way, Mom is just that kind of gal that makes it look like she’s having the time of her life without a drop of moonshine cause she’s so laid back. (So mom, you’ll laugh when you read this right? MOM? You are laughing right? Or are you going into convulsions reading this? It was all just a joke. ..really mom! I’ll buy you a massage on the beach and all will be forgiven from my “attempt" at being funny.

So guess what, she accepted my offer of forgiveness but told me that I owed her for TWO massages for being a smart ass (hahaha, mom never called me a smartass, she probably just thought it). That’s where trying to be funny gets you (out of pocket for massages…aye carumba.)

So we ended our first day here with a late night swim in the pool with the girls. A light rain was falling as music from a live band at the beach bar thumped through the air. Then we tucked the girls in, Al & I watched some Australian Open Tennis and from where I was sitting, all seemed pretty darn good with the world.

Now for the hell of it I’m going to swing some pillows off the balcony, and yell at the moon (but I won’t do it as well as mom did. HEE HEE HHHOOOO. OK mom I know you didn’t swing any pillows off the balcony, but let's just imagine if you did, how good you'd be at it? Hahahahaha love you mom.

This place can make you goofy and I plead guilty.

What happens at the beach gets laughed about all year long.

Yours truly,

Smartass...(PS Mom was killing herself over her antics in my blog; I'm getting my massage money back from her!)

And while I have your attention, I am so happy we made the decision to bring the girls with us because we go together like ham & cheese, bacon & eggs & champagne & orange juice. I try not to brag about my kids because it comes off well...braggish. We all know "someone" who thinks their kid hung the moon but meanwhile they are flipping you the bird & stealing 20 bucks out of their mom's purse to buy smokes (at age 7) But I have to say ahem, I think our girls are polite, kind, generous, thoughtful, and so far they reallllly like to be around us. So in a few years when they make up a blog about me swinging pillows off a balcony while singing Santana at the top of my lungs while swiggin' Tequila well, ah, frankly it will all probably be true. In the meantime I am basking in having 3 generations of my family together. (missing Lara though).

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